The funny moment when a New York taxi driver confused Antonio Banderas

The actor came as a guest to ‘El Hormiguero’ to present his new musical show, ‘Chorus Line’.

Antonio Banderas has been the Fox in The mask of Zorro, The Mariachi of Desperado, Pablo Picasso in Genius and many other relevant characters from directors like Almodóvar. Even so, there are people who confuse you and who lead you to live very funny moments. On your visit as a guest to The Hormiguero, Banderas has told what happened to him in New York.

The actor was visiting the Big Apple when he got into a taxi. The driver recognized him and asked for an autograph, only he thought he was another actor. Specifically, Lorenzo Lamas. Instead of correcting him, Banderas happily signed the autograph with the name of the actor from Falcon Crest and thus he was able to please the taxi driver.

The conversation on the set of Pablo Motos arose because Banderas was accompanied by Manuel Bandera, the actor he has chosen to star in his next musical show, Chorus Line, which will lead to the theater that has opened in Malaga, Soho. Manuel Bandera has said that they have always called him Antonio, in a confusion with his famous partner, and that he was used to having his last name written as Banderas, instead of Bandera.

He is not the only Spanish actor who is routinely mistaken for a more international star. The similarity between Javier Bardem and Jeffrey Dean Morgan is evident and has led to more than one joke between them. The actors have to constantly respond to fans who mistake them for the other, although they take it with good humor and a lot of patience.

Penelope Cruz suffers from the impostor syndrome: “I always think they are going to throw me on the set”

It so happens that this week The Hormiguero It has hosted two of the biggest names in Spanish cinema. In addition to Banderas, Penelope Cruz visited the program just a few days ago. Went to present Parallel mothers, her most recent film with Almodóvar, and she gave time to recognize that, after decades of office, she continues to feel like an outsider in the world of acting.

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