The future of ‘Sex Education’: What do the actors think about the generational change?

Season 3 of the Netflix series is now available in full on the streaming platform, although the renewal for a fourth installment is not yet guaranteed.

Just released its third season in full on Netflix, it does not look like Sex Education is approaching its home stretch. There are still stories to tell and although things in Moordale are not precisely at their least complicated, with the arrival of Hope and the reaction of the students to the new rules, we will have to see how the course just started continues and what solution can be found to the problems facing the center.

The renewal for one season 4 of Sex Education It hasn’t happened, however, but it seems safe to bet that Netflix will want to order new episodes and continue to explore the teenage self-discovery stories of Otis, Maeve, Eric, Aimee and company in the future. Even the actors themselves openly express their wishes for the future for their characters. SensaCine in the interview you can see on these lines.

Also, Asa Butterfield has recently confessed in an interview with Cosmopolitan which he expects to be so, although he is not concerned either: “I would love to do a fourth season, because we have so much fun with this series. At the same time, we have done it for three years now and I would also be happy to say goodbye to the characters… Will have to see”.

With the course halfway, it seems unlikely that Sex Education close early, but lOr that it does happen often when we talk about series of adolescents and institutes is that students at some point reach the last year, graduate and move on with their lives. In this scenario, when the creators are clear that they want to continue with the series, there are different ways in which they approach the matter: on the one hand we have the example of Riverdale, in which Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa has opted for a time jump, forgetting about high school and continuing his life as adults; and, on the other, a good example is that of Elite, which is committed to the generational change and introduces new characters as others leave their stage in Las Encinas behind.

Upon the possibility of a generational change have spoken some of the protagonists of Sex Education with SensaCine and generally agree that it would not be a bad idea:

It could be a way that they could expand the series. As we get older, the plots of these characters will come to an end. But sexuality covers a lot so there will always be stories to tell

“AND for those stories to be explored with new students in a new year has potential. “Asa Butterfield continues. “But hey, it depends on the writers and what they want to do.”

Asa Butterfield (‘Sex Education’): “Knowing each other well makes it easier to shoot sex scenes”

“It wouldn’t be a terrible idea, but I don’t know how it would work just because of how it ends,” says Ncuti Gatwa. “I don’t know how they could bring in a new generation of characters, but I think it’s a good idea because you can’t follow these forever either. I don’t think anyone wants to see Eric in college. I think there is always a natural ending to things. “For her part, Aimee Lou Wood agrees, but is clear that the main handover would have to occur between Otis and Maeve and a new couple of sex therapists: “Otis and Maeve would have to have some kind of apprentices, because the series is built around the premise of sex therapy And this kind of sex clinic, so I think somehow they would have to hand over their clinic to younger ones. ”

At the moment there is no confirmed fourth season or new generation, but the eight episodes of the third installment of Sex Education are available on Netflix.