The future of ‘The Walking Dead’ is not exciting, it is tiresome (It had to be said and it was said)

The original series has come to an end and its ‘spin-off’ ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ will end with its eighth season, but with three ‘spin-offs’ underway the franchise refuses to let its most loyal fans escape.

It’s almost been two months since the quintessential zombie fiction -until The Last of Us I took the job from him- the franchise the walking dead has been in the news again this week for various reasons. One of them is that its first ‘spin-off’, the already veteran Fear The Walking Deadcomes to an end with season 8, but there have also been updated some notable details about its ‘spin-offs’which are no more and no less than three: The Walking Dead: Dead Citywhich will be released in June 2023; The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, starring Norman Reedus and set in Paris, which will also be released this year but already in the second half; and the one starring Rick and Michonne, which will be seen already in 2024.

A) Yes, the old gives way to the new without hiding, saying goodbye forever to one of the two series that have given everything to the franchise, but taking the opportunity to update its future with several more projects. Just as he did when he announced the outcome of the walking deadin which two ‘spin-offs’ were already announced -one of them already released Tales of the Walking Dead and the other focused on Daryl and Carol that has ended up becoming only his.

The news of the explosion of the franchise in the form of ‘spin-offs’ surprised in its day -especially when Negan and Maggie’s was announced later and the Rick Grimes films became series- and continues to amaze today. And is not for less:Hasn’t it been years since zombie fiction was abandoned by millions of viewers and had been recording the most discreet audience data in its history for some time?

We know the story well: When AMC launched its zombie series based on Robert Kirkman’s comics of the same name in October 2010, I still didn’t know what it would be his goose that lays the golden eggs, but the explosion was total. For seasons, the series starring Andrew Lincoln did not stop breaking its own records, lreaching its peak in season 7, with the introduction of Negan and that infamous and violent scene that we all still remember. Curiously, that moment would also become a turning point in his career, because It was from then on when the love for the walking dead began to fall.

The exhaustion was noticeable and, although the series continued to be successful and amassing good data compared to other fictions, it began to lose viewers along the way and ceased to be the phenomenon that it was. And the departure of Rick Grimes in the ninth season was another setback.

Nevertheless, it is clear that AMC continues to see absolute profitability in its undead franchise and is willing to reinvent its entire narrative to keep her alive for at least a few years. The first step has been to end the veteran series -first with the walking dead and now with fear– Y put an end to the exhaustion typical of so many seasons, but let’s not fool ourselves, without any intention of closing.

Although in the form of three new series that will be broadcast intermittently, the walking dead it has not finished, but continues with several of its plots. Specifically with the three most important: in the first place the one starring Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), although it is nonsense that these two could be BFFs; secondly, the one that will follow in the footsteps of Daryl (Norman Reedus), her most beloved character; and, thirdly, one focused on Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) after having thought better of the movies.

A jail for loyal fans of the franchise that pushes them to stay hooked on the stories of their characters behind the curtain of an outcome announced with hype and cymbal that in reality has been non-existent. The franchise was showing clear signs of exhaustion, but AMC has been reluctant to part with it and seems intent on squeezing it to the bone.

With two spin-offs already guaranteed in 2023 and a third in 2024, there’s a slim chance the franchise will prove to have reinvented itself and a good chance it’ll continue to show the signs of exhaustion of its predecessors while still trying to deliver something new. Why the new, the freshness, is something else.