The Gabryël revelation

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Powerful voice, chiseled melodies: in concert tomorrow evening at the Chorus, the Toulouse musician will present his first EP.

Toulouse singer-songwriter Gabryël will present his first EP tomorrow at the Chorus. A foretaste had been offered to his relatives and to the press on October 14 (official date of the release of the EP) and we had discovered a warm and damn gifted artist, who had in a few songs – including a stunning cover of “Bohemian Rhapsody,” the boy is a fan of Freddy Mercury – put the audience in his pocket. Powerful and high-pitched voice, precise and clear piano-voice arrangements, chiseled melodies, pretty face with a greedy smile: Gabryël has everything to capsize hearts.

His texts deal honestly with the complexity of human relationships (“Without anger”), the importance of forgiveness, topicality and pretenses (“Get out of this body”).

“I sing quite melancholy things, but always with a way out, a light, he explains. I observe around me: my relatives or people I meet. I encourage them to assert themselves fully as such. that they are, not to bend under what society imposes on them, all these masks… “Coming from elsewhere” is a song that is close to my heart: I find the cowardice and selfishness of nations on the issue distressing migrants, but I have no solution, so I bring my point back to the emotion, to the heart. News inspires me, and I think long and hard about a theme before tackling it, to be as fair as possible. possible. The title “The Phallocrate”, came to me one night: I had been thinking about sexual harassment for a while, but I was not ready. When I came across an article on the Internet, I brooded over this problem and I wrote this text addressing both stalkers, witnesses, harassed. ” The etymology of the name Gabryël evokes divine strength. From now on, it will also denote sincerity, generosity and talent.

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Gabryël in concert Friday November 26 at 8:30 p.m. at the Chorus (144, avenue de Muret, rue de la Digue). Price: 5 € / ticket office: eventbrit