‘The Good Doctor’ season 5 will delve into Shaun’s past troubles

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Freddie Highmore talks about his relationship with his mother and how this aspect will evolve in the following episodes.

Shaun Murphy’s ghosts from past are coming back to haunt him in season 5 of The Good Doctor. In the last episode aired, Lea (Paige Spara) wonders if she should invite her future husband’s mother to the wedding considering that there are still many unclosed wounds. When you ask Shaun, it is clear that he has no interest in attending the ceremony and, although the conversation stops there, something tells us that he will reappear in the plot.

In an interview for SensaCine, Freddie Highmore has declared that there will be room to explore the ghosts and problems of the protagonist’s past.

That has been a constant in Shaun’s life and, of course, there will be moments where we will touch him. With his trip to Wyoming, I think in season three, there was a lot that was resolved and Shaun said everything he wanted to say. But of course there may be more moments with his mother in the future.

The last time we saw Shaun with his parents was in the third season, specifically in the episode ‘Friends and Family’ (3×10), after receiving the news that his father was terribly ill. He returned to his Wyoming at the hands of Lea and Glassman (Richard Schiff) with the intention of speaking honestly with his parents and fixing his problems. But the opposite happened and, before his father passed away, he told him everything he had always thought. “You’re not a good person. You killed my rabbit and you killed my brother. I don’t care if you die. I don’t care at all.”

The fifth installment will serve to explore a little the past of the protagonist. At the beginning of this batch of episodes, we will peek into Shaun’s stage as a student. “At the beginning of season 5 there are ‘flashbacks’ once again. We see a younger Shaun and Glassman and we understand a little more about Shaun’s previous medical school experience and how that affects the way he practices medicine today“Highmore notes.

David Shore, creator of the fiction, told TVLine in 2019 that there was “potential to revisit the relationship with his mother.” “I think ‘closure’ is a term that doesn’t mean as much as we want it to,” says Shore, leaving the door open for a new appearance of the character.

Season 5 of The Good Doctor is broadcast in Spain by AXN.

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