The good-encontrais Aurélien Vivos to “The Voice”

the essential
Our department will be well represented on the program “The Voice” – which you will be able to watch tomorrow evening on the first channel – by the Bon-Encontrais Aurélien Vivos.

In Bon-encontrais homes, some will be even more attentive than others; those who are part of his family and friends.
Those also who attended his debut in the basilica of Bon-Encontre, singing along with Andante.

Many were those who also discovered him at the end of 2022 in a very beautiful concert, in the company of Véronique Martinez and pianist Eric Lozano, in Moissac and Bon-Encontre. He delighted his audience with his superb voice and his very varied repertoire.

This 34-year-old boy will surprise you! In life, he is a storekeeper. Preparing orders, emptying delivery trucks… A job that he really enjoys and that fulfills him in his daily life. But a dream haunts him. The dream of music. Transform your daily life to live from your passion.
Aurélien has gone through all musical styles: from musical comedy to pure and hard rock, Marylin Manson… He has extraordinary abilities without ever having taken singing lessons.

At the blind auditions, he takes a risk and resumes “Ave Maria”. A lyrical register that he has little control over. This is how TF1 presents it to us.
We know what he is capable of, so we wish him every success in his projects in general… And in “The Voice” of course.