‘The Good Patron’. Fernando León: “We make the most important decisions in a bathroom”

Fernando León de Aranoa and Javier Bardem reveal in this report how they worked together again on their third film, ‘El Buen Patrón’, which has been chosen by the Spanish Film Academy as the Spanish candidate for the Oscars.

Film directors have their greatest finds sometimes in unpredictable places. And something like that has happened to The Good Patron, the movie of Fernando Leon de Aranoa, starring Javier Bardem, which will represent Spain in the race for the Oscarsr.

The director and actor explain that the best decisions in the film were made in a tiny bathroom.

Every morning we met when he was shaving in the bathroom. And the most important meetings in which everything has been creatively decided in this film were in a small bathroom (…) I would meet him with my coffee, and the two of us were asleep, and we would talk about the scene and the difficulties of that day, “the director remembers with a laugh.

To which Bardem adds between laughter: “And several people of the team entered and left the service to do their things.” And León concludes: “What little glamor, we have not achieved it, 20 years later, it is still everything …”.

‘The Good Pattern’ is the Spanish film selected for the Oscars 2022

This is the third film in which Ferrnando León de Aranoa and Javier Bardem work together, after Mondays in the Sun (2002) and Loving Pablo (2018) “and I hope it will be one of many to come,” says Bardem. And as he explains in this report about the reunion of both, the director, despite the fact that more than 19 years have passed since their first job together, both films are somehow connected.

To which the actor adds: “Working with him is a guarantee of pleasure, creativity, intelligence and sensitivity. We have made this creative journey as friends who have started that creative journey together “, says Javier Bardem. “In this film the same things remain that made me enjoy with Mondays in the Sun. The same things that enlightened me and made me grow as a director, “explains León.

The Good Patron tells the story of a paternalistic businessman from the provinces who awaits the visit of a committee that could reward his company. The owner, Javier Bardem, tries to personally solve many of his employees’ problems, both work and personal. Until one day a worker who is fired decides to demonstrate at the factory gate.

San Sebastián 2021 Day 4: Laughing out loud with an immense Javier Bardem in the satire ‘The Good Patron’ by Fernando León de Aranoa

The film premiered in the last edition of the San Sebastian Festival and It will be released in theaters on October 15. Among the other films candidate for the Oscars has dismounted from the race to Parallel Mothers, by Pedro Almodóvar, which will be released this Friday in theaters, Mediterranean by Marcel Barrena that premiered on October 1.