The good resolution of the British in 2022? Get started in the podcast

(ETX Daily Up) – No one will have missed it: Podcasts are popular. They especially have it in the UK, according to a new Acast study. More than one in ten Britons would even be ready to give their voice by launching their own podcast this year.

The Swedish company surveyed 500 people in the UK to find out about their podcast consumption habits. They are 12.4% to cherish the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtaking the microphone. For many respondents, this is even a good resolution, like doing more sport, losing weight, quitting smoking or eating less sugar.

But while it’s easy to make good New Year’s resolutions, it’s hard to stick to them. The most “podcastophile” Britons, however, seem determined to see their project through to the end. According to Acast, two-thirds of people say they want to start their own program during the first few months of the year. February being the most cited.

Podcasts are part of our daily life

These results confirm how successful podcasts were in finding their audience. Before the pandemic, they were readily listened to “to pass the time” in the car or in public transport. They’ve since been invited to our homes, and it’s not uncommon to immerse yourself in one of these pocket-sized audio formats while cooking, gardening, or even before sleeping.

“The people we interviewed were members of the UK public, not podcasters or established names, which reinforces our belief that the podcast should be open to everyone, and makes this medium more accessible,” said Matt MacDonald, Product Manager at Acast, in a statement relayed by Podnews.

Podcasts are becoming more and more anchored in the daily life of the British, as they have done in that of the Americans. Two thirds of Britons over 16 have already listened to one, according to the report “The Infinite Dial: UK 2021” by the firm Edison Research. Once they’ve fallen into it, it’s hard to break away from it. On average, UK residents experience five episodes per week. A real reflex.