The great mystery of the story of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom could be in a tribe that fans do not stop talking about – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

There are many secrets what’s hidding Zelda: Breath of the Wild and that throughout these more than 5 years users have been discovering. We no longer speak of many crazy things what you can do, but more hidden things like a chest almost impossible to open get robbed the valuable master sword, which a character explode with joy because you go bare-chested or the curious detail that you can see the four divine beasts from Link’s house.

For a few months, and as a result of the last trailer of Zelda: Tears of the KingdomMany fans of the saga have begun to develop curious theories about a race that we didn’t know too much about, but that promises to be central to the story of this sequel. Is about the zonnan (also known as Zonai) and apparently inhabited the mythical farone region, which you will know for its tropical aspect, with palm trees and a humid climate in which storms and showers frequently occur. In ZBOTW the only thing you find are the ruins, but you can breathe in them an aura of mystery. What are they hiding?

The importance of the Zonnan in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

If you have played Breath of the Wildit is more than likely that you have spent a few minutes in the ruins of the Zonnan without you noticing. I revisited them by listening to the theories of the users. It is uninhabited, there are only enemies, but they can be seen stone statues that resemble the dragons that we could see in the latest trailer for Tears of the Kingdom. Little is known about this lost civilization, except that they were individuals of barbaric aspect They mysteriously disappeared.

Zonnan Zelda

Link could have a strong connection with this race in the new installment of Zelda. The reason? Basically, we are shown the hero dressed in the usual clothing of the Zonnan, in addition to the fact that in the region of the map where its ruins are located there is also the Source of Valuewhich is the triforce narratively linked to Link.

To make the importance of the Zonnan even clearer, in the official book Creating a Hero A space is dedicated to the mysteries of Hyrule and the ruins prior to the Great Cataclysm, belonging to ancient tribes. It is then when one speaks directly of these beings, referring to them as a wild tribe whose vestiges can be found throughout Hyrule:

“The tribe is fearfully remembered as individuals with powerful magic who suddenly vanished thousands of years ago. Their disappearance is one of Hyrule’s great mysteries.”

It is curious, because indeed its influence can be found not only in the Farone region, but also in the sanctuaries of Hyrule, and even in various emblematic locations, such as the Thunder Plateau, Logmein Island, the ruins of Ouimbra and the fortresses. of Lomei. In these places are spiral shaped markings, which are said to be characteristic of this tribe. There are also several zonnan pillars scattered throughout the kingdom (used in magical rituals), plus they are thought to have worshiped the water dragon. So pay attention to all this, because we could see it reflected in Tears of the Kingdom.

Zonnan Zelda

In particular, I think the mysterious hand that appears in the first trailer and that he rescues Link has many chances of belonging to an important member of the Zonnan. That powerful magic that they possessed and that was so feared, could in turn be the one that feeds Link’s arm and that gives him his powers. We’ll see, but everything indicates that this time the narrative will be very important, with elements that surpass everything seen in the prequel. What do you think?