‘The Great North’: The fun animated series of a single father and his four children in Alaska comes to Disney +

The first two episodes of the comedy created by the scriptwriters of ‘Bob’s Burgers’ is now available on the streaming platform.

This 2021 is being a magnificent year for the adult animation series. A genre that is captivating thousands of viewers around the world. This is demonstrated by long-lived fictions, such as The Simpson O Father made in the USA, and the new titles that are arriving, such as Solar Opposites. Now it comes to Spain, through Disney+, one of the most successful animated series of this year in the US: The Great North.

Set in a fictional Alaska town, The Great North revolves around a single father named Beef Tobin and his four children Wolf, Ham, Judy and Moon. Beef tries to keep the United family despite the fact that their descendants are no longer so young and the series focuses on the day-to-day of the clan, as well as the fun adventures that happen to it.

The long-awaited fiction is a safe bet for those who enjoyed and still enjoy Central Park O Bob’s Burgers. As with many series, it becomes more fun as you get to know the characters, although it is true that it has a characteristic sweetness From the beginning. Also, this animated comedy doesn’t care so much about easy jokes and pays more attention to human decency.

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The Great North takes place in an idyllic natural environment that conveys a feeling of warmth. If to this we add their current plots, its tone and its aesthetics, the series becomes the best option to have a good time. At least during the 21 minutes that each of its chapters lasts.

The production was born from the creative minds of Minty Lewis, Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Logelin, the latter two scriptwriters and executive producers of Bob’s Burgers. Hence the great resemblance between the two. The Molyneux sisters also serve as executive producers alongside Loren Bouchard (Bob’s Burgers).

More about the characters

Beef Tobin is a great family man who has raised his four children alone after abandonment of his wife, who went to Pennsylvania with her lover. A severe blow to the family, which Beef concealed by saying that she had been mutilated by a bear. Something that your children know is a lie.

This event has marked the life of Beef and her four children, especially that of the only girl in the family: Judy. A teenager who misses her mother, so she turns to Alanis Morissette, her imaginary friend and mother figure. This appears to him as an arctic sky goddess in the middle of the northern lights and, apart from this, Judy has great artistic dreams that make her move away from her own and that worry her father a lot.

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Judy’s older brother completes the family, Wolf, that he feels bad about moving in with his future wife Honeybee; the middle brother, Ham, who repeatedly announces that he is gay, and the little brother, Moon.

Between distribution of actors who lend their voices to this peculiar family are Nick Offerman, Jenny Slate, Will Forte, Paul Rust, Aparna Nancherla, Megan Mullally and herself Alanis Morissette.

Second season?

Before its US premiere, Fox announced the renewal of the comedy for a second season. In fact, the first chapter of the next installment It has already been released in the American country; a musical episode, very similar to the first of season number 33 of The Simpson, which has impressed viewers.

There is also an announced third season which is in production. And is that, after the issuance of the last chapter of the first, the company decided to order a third from the Molyneux sisters.

More information at Disney Zone

For the moment, they are available at Disney + Spain the first two episodes of the first season. And there will be a weekly broadcast until the 11 chapters of the original delivery. Do you dare to meet the Tobin of Alaska?