The great Viv Richards

The Caribbean is another place that regularly produces some incredible cricket players. Most of them go on to play for the West Indies national squad. Wagers can be made on – visit betting websites in India to start playing your chances on the West Indies side.

One of the best players in the history of the West Indies team is Viv Richards. Many consider him as one of the best batsmen of all time. Unfortunately, a problem in one of his eyes prevented him from being even better. Nevertheless, he still left an amazing legacy that is remembered even today. Don’t forget to visit the betting websites 1xBet in India, which are a great place to bet on the best batsmen from everywhere across the world.

An amazing domestic career

Richards played domestic cricket between 1971 and 1993. He also had an international career that lasted between 1974 and 1991. He played in teams located in the Caribbean, England and also Australia. The website 1xBet is for cricket betting online, and can be used for wagering on all the squads where he played at some moment. These teams include:

  • Combined Islands;
  • Leeward Islands;
  • the Somerset County Cricket Club;
  • the Glamorgan County Cricket Club;
  • and Queensland.

The Antiguans player excelled in all the squads where he played. He is remembered for having some excellent matches on all of them. The website 1xBet is for online cricket betting, and can be used for wagering on the best players that come from the West Indies.

A fantastic international career full of milestones

As previously said, Viv Richards played international cricket between 1974 and 1991 representing the West Indies. His incredible batting talents quickly convinced his coaches to select him as third in the batting order. This was because they needed him for his powerful bats, but also to ensure a good score for the batsmen that came after him. Those who have tablets and smartphones can visit to wager on the best batsmen in the game.

During the late 1970s and early 1980s Richards achieved the best performances in his career. During those years, he averaged more than 66 in Test cricket when batting. Those numbers decreased a little bit when looking at his full international career. But they are still impressive. For example, he obtained more than 8,500 runs in more than 120 Test matches. He also scored 24 centuries in total. The 1xBet website can be used to wager on the occurrence of all those records.

Unfortunately, Richards had a disease in one of his eyes that required surgery. Not only this left him out for a few months. This also affected his eyesight which prevented him from performing at his fullest extent. Despite these problems, he still achieved some incredible numbers.