The guest of ‘Pasapalabra’ who is a magnet for the pot by giving it three times

The talisman of the mythical contest to almost certainly win the precious prize is having Natalia Sánchez on the team, the actress who played Teté in ‘Los Serrano’.


The guests in Pass word They are key pieces for the contestants. As usual, every three days, four people known to the viewers accompany the contestants in the initial tests. These are essential for the hopefuls to win the prized jackpot to accumulate more time in the final test, El Rosco. Nevertheless, Natalia Sanchez is a great talisman so that they get to complete the 25 words well.

The actress, known for playing Tete in The Serranos, He has given the boat up to three times. A fact for which Sánchez is known as “the talisman” of Pass word among the spectators. And it is that the young woman gave Juanpe luck to complete the rosco without fail in 2013 and transmitted all her positive energy to Paz Herrera in 2014 to win the prize.

In addition, in 2015, Natalia Sánchez also helped Jon to win the jackpot. In fact, he was a winner well remembered by all since he won the prize in just 3 programs. The Basque contestant completed the donut and won the prize -on this occasion of 18,000 euros-. Just 3 days!

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His last visit to ‘Pasapalabra’

His last visit to Pasapalabra was in November 2022. Natalia Sánchez was part of Rafa Castaño’s team along with Álex O’Dogherty, while Gabino Diego and Cristina Medina accompanied Orestes. A fact that made feel “a little flaky with the equipment cast“to the man from Burgos, who himself confessed jokingly.

“I love Cristina, but Natalia is a talisman of the program. Throughout all the years she has given three boats here, and they just put her in the opposite team,” said Orestes. “She has already given more than me,” joked the presenter, Roberto Leal. “Let’s see if being crosswise , on the opposite lectern…”, the contestant continued with the joke.

Orestes deserves to win the ‘Pasapalabra’ jackpot for these impressive achievements

However, and despite having the great talisman of Pasapalabra, neither Orestes nor Rafa took over the boat. Something many viewers pointed out on social networks. “If they have not managed to overcome the #rosco, I already I don’t know if one day my eyes will see it…” wrote one user on Twitter.

the boat of Pass word already exceeds 2 million eurosand soon approaches the record for the highest award given on television (2.19 million euros).

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