The heartbreaking scene from ‘The Squid Game’ that made one of its protagonists cry

Netflix series actress Jung Ho-yeon says she got emotional from the moment she read the script. Not everything is blood in the South Korean milestone.

Not everything is blood, violence and bad arts to get to survive in The Squid Game. Among the 456 participants who agree to put their lives on the line to win a juicy financial prize personal bonds are established and some of them share much more than fear and anguish towards each test or the terror with which they witness the fate that awaits other participants. The best example is found, without going any further, in Seong Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae) and Oh Il-nam (Oh Yeong-su) themselves, the last player and the first respectively, and among whom it has been theorized with which there may be a greater link than that shown in the series.

They also make a nice bond Sae-byeok, No. 67 (Jung Ho-yeon) and Ji-yeong, n 240 (Lee Yoo-mi), who in the sixth episode form a team to play the game of marbles, the only test in which the participants can choose what the duel will consist of. Of course, whatever they choose, one of them must take the other’s marbles and only one member of each pair can survive. In the episode, while other couples quickly start playing against each other, Sae-byeok and Ji-yeong spend most of their time talking about their lives, their past, and also their plans for the future. In the end, Ji-yeong lets Sae-byeok win, believing that his partner has more to live for. He asks her to go back to her mother and get her brother back, and to go to Jeju Island.

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It is not the only time that a character sacrifices himself for another in the nine that make up The Squid Game, but the scene in question was deeply emotional and heartbreaking for the actress who plays Sae-byeok and so he explained it to TIME in a recent interview:

“I felt that the lines of the script themselves were very well written by the director. And I also saw this interview in which he commented that he imagined this scene with the two most innocent people of all the contestants.”

As I read the script, I was crying. It was very exciting for me to meet Ji-yeong in person, because at that moment I had to imagine Ji-yeong from the script, but when I met her at the script reading I felt that she was the one

“[Sae-byeok y Ji-yeong son] the most innocent people, somehow, “said the creator of the series Dong-hyuk Hwang, in the statements to which the actress referred.” People who are on the brink of life fight and kill each other to move up, but if there were some who weren’t like that, I wanted them to be the two of them. “” They are complete strangers, but there is some kind of friendship between them: a bond formed in a short period of time, empathy and mutual understanding. I thought they would be the perfect example to portray those feelings, “continued the ‘showrunner’.

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According to the second season of The Squid Game As everyone expects, Jung doesn’t show much interest in what ends up happening with his character, but urges fans to be patient to see what eventually happens.