The Heath Ledger documentary that reveals why The Joker constantly licked his lips in ‘The Dark Knight’

The version of the actor, who died in 2008, of the mythical DC villain has already gone down in cinema history, with all his tics included. Now we know where they come from.

Heath Ledger’s performance in The dark knight It has become one of the most iconic and best in the history of cinema. The interpreter, who passed away in 2008, gave life to the joker and got up with him Posthumous Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his work on the Christopher Nolan film.

His version of the Clown Prince of Crime, a fan favorite of the character, has some elements that raised some questions. For example, why Ledger’s Joker doesn’t stop licking his lips. A documentary answered that question.

I Am Heath Ledger, a film released in 2017, served to pay tribute to the actor and also to talk about his work on the big screen. Different people appear in it who have been part of Ledger’s life and one of them is Gerry Grennell. The ‘coach’ of interpretation and voice in The dark knight Solved The Joker’s Tongue Mystery

According to Grennell, Ledger I hated going through the makeup room so that they put the scars of the villain. And, as often happens with this type of prosthesis, they were peeling off as he moved his mouth to speak. The only solution was to go through makeup again.

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However, to avoid having to spend another 20 minutes or half an hour waiting for them to be put back on, Ledger licked his lips to keep the glue wet.. This became a nervous tic that he incorporated into her performance. The result is already movie history.

Ledger is still in the memory of DC fans and the comparisons between him and future actors who bring The Joker to life will always be present. The actor who took over from Ledger on the big screen as the Clown Prince of Crime was Jared Leto, who played the villain in Suicide Squad. Most recently, Barry Keoghan brought the character to life during the final seconds of batman.

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