The Hogwarts Legacy Goblin Rebellion: what really happened in the controversial Harry Potter event – Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy It is one of the most anticipated video games of this 2023, the year in which it will finally hit the market after being delayed. It will do it first with the versions of pc, PS5 Y Xbox Series X|Swhich are launched next February 10while PS4 and Xbox One versions have been postponed and they will be available to play from April 4, 2023. Similarly, the Nintendo Switch version has set its arrival for later, specifically on July 25, 2023.

However, this does not mean that more and more debate and interest is generated in relation to what Avalanche Software wants to tell us about this new proposal edited by Warner Bros. And not everything is positive because, although there are many who are reserving the game or eagerly await its premiere, in the last few hours a topic of the title has gone viral on social networks, being the subject of discussion.

Confronting beings who seek to escape discrimination has generated controversy

We refer to the Goblin Rebellion, an event that will have a presence in Hogwarts Legacy with several events that indicate that “we will face goblins who seek to stop suffering discrimination from wizards and witches.” This has not taken long to generate controversy, since, waiting to see how it is treated in history, It is strange that we are going to go against some beings who seek to stop being discriminated against.

What is the Goblin Rebellion?

The game introduces us to Ranrok, the leader of the revolt which will be one of the villains of the title that we must stop. As we say, it’s time to be prudent and wait to see how Hogwarts Legacy deals with this issue or the changes that may occur, but today we come to tell you a little more about how this Goblin Rebellion is focused in the Harry Potter universe so that you have more information about it.


Ranrok, leader of the Goblin Rebellion

If we take a look at the ancient stories of the magical world, we will see that these beings star some of the hardest moments from the universe of the literary franchise created by JK Rowling. In theory there was not a single rebellion, but several followed one another and were recurrent, especially between the 17th and 18th centuries.

Goblins have risen up against the Ministry of Magic on several occasions, most notably in the 17th and 18th centuries.

The bloodiest and most violent episodes occurred in the past centuries that we have mentioned: the goblins they rose up because of the discrimination they suffered from wizards and witches, and they are stories that have not gone unnoticed in books, movies and video games of now and before. For example, at one point, Hagrid, the half-giant guardian of the Hogwarts gates who is a good friend of Harry’s, warns him that goblins should be treated with care and respect, despite the fact that they are very serious and even rude. Another detail is that Urg the Dirty, leader of the 18th century rebellions, appears immortalized in one of the famous Chocolate Frogs stickers.

In the newspaper The Prophet it is made clear that later on there are still goblins who have plans to rise up against the Ministry of Magic. Although they possess magical abilities by their very nature, goblins are not allowed to wield the wand, and the Ministry of Magic closely monitors the entire race and launches continuous propaganda to make sure they are controlled. The goal is for witches and wizards to remain the dominant force in the wizarding world; in short, they are considered inferior to humanity.


A different approach at Hogwarts Legacy?

It is true that some theories suggest that the motivation to face them at Hogwarts Legacy could be that the goblins seek master wizard magic and power in general instead of getting out of a complicated situation, changing the tone of this type of event a bit, but the truth is that it is not surprising that they are considered villains for the simple fact of seeking to get out of a life directly affected by episodes of racism and constant classism.

Avalanche could give the Rebellion leader a more radical approach

In a few words published in the official playstation blogAvalanche Software’s community manager, Chandler Wood, was talking about Ragrok (the leader of the rebellion) having a hatred of wizards that “skews their view of the world”and the studio’s head of narrative, Moira Squier, mentioned that the goblin had seen “a flash of magic that wizard humanity tried to hide” even from itself, wanting that particular power.

Be that as it may, Hogwarts Legacy will take us to experience what is considered the last known goblin rebellion, taking us to the year 1890, where it is in full swing. We will have to wait until next February to find out how these events are narrated and how we see ourselves immersed in them as protagonists, since it is one of the most interesting and controversial topics of conversation of the new and ambitious title of what is considered a one of the most popular sagas of modern entertainment.