The impressive ‘blazer’ from ‘Emily in Paris’ is not suitable for any pocket that has made it difficult for experts in ‘low cost’ versions

If you have seen season 3 of the Netflix series, it is impossible for you to have gone unnoticed.

If there is something that hypnotizes lovers of Emily in Paris than the love triangle -or rather, quadrilateral- that surrounds its protagonist, that is undoubtedly the parade of incredible ‘outfits’ worn by the character played by Lily Collins. Especially for fans of the world of fashion. Our darling Emily Cooper is all about style and good taste, and while there’s been a lot of talk about whether her wardrobe would be compatible with her salary in real life, the outfits that are worn in the hit Netflix series are a key part of its successjust as it happened in its day with the also series by Darren Star sex in new york.

With two seasons behind him in which exactly the same thing has been done, it is not surprising that, as soon as the third installment of Emily in Parishas begun search for new clothes: Can we buy any of the outfits at Zara? How much does the incredible pants from such and such an episode cost? Are there ‘low cost’ versions for the most incredible ‘outfits’?

Of course, fashion experts can find anything and both in networks and in various specialized ‘sites’ there are really creative proposals to imitate ‘looks’ without spending a lot of money. However, in season 3 of Emily in Paris wears a garment, perhaps the most incredible of all, that it is impossible for any ‘low cost’ search engine expert not to resist. As good as it is.

It’s about the awesome blazer that Emily wears in episode 2, ‘What’s going on?’ (3×02). An original American fluorescent checkered belonging to the firm look mikati and which is currently exhausted, but which, in any case, was never suitable for any pocket. Its original price? 588 Euro.


Mira Mikati’s impressive ‘blazer’ in ‘Emily in Paris’

The striking and original design of the Mira Mikati garment not only complicates the existence of clones, but is It is really complex to find anything similar in any fashion firm with more affordable prices. Thus, the task of the “seekers” has become more complicated, but we cannot deny that some interesting proposals have been found: the most widespread garment chosen is an ‘oversize’ blazer by Monki, which also stands out for its pattern of colored squares and which offers various combinations, in fact, for €55. Not at all Mira Mikati’s piece, but it costs 10 times less.


Also, other proposals to the ‘blazer’ star of Emily in Paris They have been the lime checkered blazer from River Island Plus -available at Asos for €93.99- and a much simpler oversized checkered blazer from Zara for €49.95 that doesn’t have much to do with it and of which there are also similar models in other stores .

With a fourth season already confirmed on the platform, we don’t know when it will return. Emily in Parisbut we can count on him to surpass himself again with new unforgettable ‘outfits’.