The killer movie download by the website Filmyzilla

The killer movie download by the website Filmyzilla

The wise Vijay Antony tries to cover up a murder for his mother and daughter who live in the house opposite him. Talented police officer Arjun tries to find the killer. The story of the whole movie is the chess thriller journey that takes place between the two of them.

Filming – Killer is a licensed adaptation of the Japanese language film Suspect X. They did not say it even though it was duly approved. Papanasam is an adaptation of the same film. A film for Vijay Antony to stand tall after five defeats.

The film, which begins during a murder, succeeds in maintaining suspense until the very end without faltering anywhere. Everything you need for a thriller film is perfect. The way the story is told confuses the fans at the beginning, but they fix it later. The verses are athletic.

Acting -Vijay Antony has restored himself in the film. This is the Taylor Made Roll for him. I can see Vijay Antony of Saleem films in it again. His silence adds to the character’s strength. Surprise as Arjun police officer.

The police roles he has done so far are very strong for this film. His visually inquisitive scenes are palpable when it comes to film. His character against Vijay Antony is the mainstay of the film. The heroine Ashima Narwal is not a regular Tamil film character. The story of the film revolves around him. Has realized and acted on it. Attracts in songs and dances.

The film is a masterpiece for Ad Roe Lewis after the untouched Leela film. Instead of doing the original work as it is, he is suitable for Tamil heroism, while at the same time he has given a great thriller film without losing the essence of the film.

The verses are the big strength of the film. The great consolation is that there are no unnecessary scenes. In the beginning, one is a little harder. The first half, which takes time to understand the scenes, may have been slightly adjusted.