‘The king of the whole world’, the musical with which Ana de la Reguera returns to be a dancer by Carlos Saura

The actress, who has starred in Zack Snyder’s latest film ‘Army of the Dead’ and the fifth installment of Blumhouse’s ‘The Infinite Purge’ saga, grew up studying ballet. The film hits theaters this Friday, November 12.

Zack Snyder made her one of the faces of 2021. Ana de la Reguera, born in Veracruz (Mexico) in 1977, holstered a submachine gun to face a horde of zombies in Army of the dead, the Netflix movie directed by League of Justice. She was also the protagonist of The Infinite Purge, the fifth installment of the successful saga of Blumhouse. However, it has been a Spanish director who has allowed him to fulfill one of his dreams on the big screen: to be a dancer again.

De la Reguera is the protagonist of The king of the whole world, the new work of the filmmaker Carlos Saura. “I started dancing, the first thing I wanted to do was dance”, has declared De la Reguera in Notimex. “If someone had told me that my first musical was going to be with Carlos Saura, I would never have believed it.”

The maker of titles like Carmen, Blood Wedding and Breeding ravens, has, at 89 years, more than 50 credits behind the cameras. The movie, which arrives this Friday 12th of November to movie theaters, it’s a musical that seeks to revive the folkloric tradition of Mexican music and dance.

De la Reguera gives life to Sara, a dancer and choreographer. The Mexican actress shares the screen with Enrique Arce, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Damián Alcázar and Isaac Hernández. The interpreter has highlighted the work with the latter, whom we could see giving life to Lazarus in the Netflix series Someone has to die scored by Manolo Caro. “He is the best dancer that Mexico has today”, says De la Reguera to Efe.

The story of The king of the whole world follow Manuel, a theater director who gets in contact with the character of De la Reguera to help him with a new musical. Both select Agnes as the main character, a 20-year-old dancer with a troubled past because of her father, who owes money to the mafia.

The interpreter, who grew up giving ballet classes, shot The king of the whole world in his country. Production took place in Guadalajara, the capital of the state of Jalisco (Mexico).


De la Reguera did not expect the best stage of his career to come to him at the age of 44. The actress began working as an actress in 1996 and was chaining soap operas until she made the move to the cinema. Currently, he continues to combine the small and the big screen. It has appeared in fictions such as Narcos and Goliath and in movies like Super Nacho.

“I can already be satisfied. I worked with all those giants and with the greatest of all: Vittorio Storaro. I would never have imagined it and less at this stage of my life”, said the actress in Efe in May. Vittorio Storaro is the cinematographer of The king of the whole world and is the winner of three awards Oscar for his work in Apocalypse Now, Reds and The last Emperor.

De la Reguera believes that the evolution of the film industry in recent years has allowed her best moment as an actress to have occurred after 40. “It’s fortunate that things are changing in the industry when it comes to women and Latinos.”.

De la Reguera will soon premiere the series Leopard Skin and, although it is not confirmed yet, it seems that we will hear his voice in Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas, the animated fiction about the origin of the zombies of Army of the dead. The sequel to this latest film is already confirmed. It will carry by title Planet of the Dead and Snyder has advanced that time loops could play a role in this new installment of the franchise. Does this mean that we will see De la Reguera again as Cruz, his character?

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