The Last of Us already breaks records on HBO: No series in the chain’s history had grown so much with its second chapter – The Last of Us HBO

series of The Last of Us It is not only being a success in terms of criticism, but also in terms of audiences. The fiction inspired by the PlayStation 3 video game starring Joel and Ellie managed to become the second biggest opening in modern HBO history. Only The House of the Dragon, ‘spin off’ of Game of Thrones, achieved a higher audience on the debut day of its first episode. However, the premiere of the second chapter has ratified the sensations and granted an absolute record to the last great launch of the service. With a growth in viewers of 22% compared to the first chapter, it is the largest increase in the chain’s history.

The Last of Us reaches the public, and also convinces it

The increase in audience shows the interest that the series has generated among viewers. It is not only about having seen the first chapter to understand what is the most important phenomenon of the moment in terms of series, but that they got hooked on the plot to give continuity to the hour and twenty minutes that opened the season. Convincing the public is as important as reaching it and the subject is passed. If 4.7 million people watched the The Last of Us 1×01 on its opening day, there were 5.7 who got hooked on its continuation as soon as possible.

It is to be expected that the viewership figures for this second episode will continue to increase as the week progresses. As indicated the american media varietythe first chapter of The Last of Us had a total of 18 million viewers. The number marks a considerable challenge for both this second episode and the rest of season premieres. However, the series is doing very well and promises to keep the public hooked. Our opinion on 1×02, which you can find at a review with spoilershas been very favorable.

The Last Of Us Snow

The next chapters promise not to reduce its intensity

It remains to be seen how the The Last of Us series holds up, although for now it has been catapulted to the Olympus of video game adaptations. We still have a long way to go and new infected to discover that They will probably appear in the next chapters.. Hours of footage that will decide the future of the series and to which we only ask that they be at the level of what has been broadcast so far.