The Last of Us and the mystery of the final song: the creator of the series gives his name and what hidden meaning it has – The Last of Us HBO

It’s been a few hours since the release of the first chapter from the adaptation of The Last of Us. The HBO series is the most commented thing of the moment… And it is that the more than 80 minutes of footage of the first episode go a long way. So much so that one of the details of the end of it is drawing the attention of the spectators greatly.

Obviously, there are spoilers for the chapter. If you haven’t seen it, don’t keep reading.; Don’t say that we didn’t notify you. One of the changes that have been added to the series from the book is Joel’s relationship with Bill and Frank. Although we haven’t seen the characters played by Nick Offerman and Con O’Neill yet., Yes, the Joel played by Pedro Pascal talks to Ellie about how he and Tess communicate with them.

As Ellie quickly discovers during her visit to Joel and Tess’ house, the code used between both groups of smugglers is musical. Through a radio channel, Bill and Frank broadcast hit songs. If that song is from the 60s, it means they don’t have merchandise, if it’s from the 70s, it implies new stock available… And from the 80s it means there are problems.

When Tess, Joel and Ellie are on their way to City Hall, right at the end of the episode, we are presented with a shot of the radio with a very specific song. It is none other than Never Let Me Down Againa song by Depeche Mode that, in case you have any doubts, it’s from the 80s.

The choice of this song has been explained in the official podcast of the series, something that also had Chernobyl, the other Craig Mazin series: “One of the things that Neil has done so wonderfully well with Naughty Dog is to hurt you for things you love […] A lot of ’80s music is upbeat and fun, but with this one I was looking for a song with dark lyrics at its heart. Never Let Me Down Again is about taking a walk with your best friend, but it’s a song about drugs and addiction.”

Those of us who have played video games know that things aren’t going too well for Bill, and that Ellie and Joel will find out soon enough. Thus, the ending song choice is an interesting and revealing detail for new viewersbut an interesting wink for those who have already enjoyed Part I.