‘The Last of Us’ can be seen for free on Prime Video France as a prelude to the Warner Pass

Amazon and Warner recently began to iron out the rough edges with the agreement so that HBO Max can be accessed from Prime Video, but now they have just announced another much more important one despite its limited scope: all HBO content will be available on Prime Video in France through of a Warner Pass and to celebrate it ‘The Last of Us’ will be available for free to all Prime Video subscribers in that country.

The details of the agreement

The launch of the Warner Pass in France will not take place until next March and you will have to pay a separate subscription to have access. In addition to all HBO series, both past hits like ‘The Sopranos’ or ‘Chernobyl’ and future releases, this service will allow access to 12 television channels such as Warner Tv, Eurosport, Discovery Channel, Cartoon Network or CNN.

Both companies have released a joint statement stating that “To celebrate the upcoming launch of this unique service on Prime Video channels, all subscribers will receive exclusive access at no additional cost to watch ‘The Last of Us,’ one of HBO’s most anticipated series this year.”. In addition, they will hardly have to wait, as the episodes will be available on Prime Video France from the day after its premiere in the United States.

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This unexpected move by Warner does not mean that the company has given up on its future plans to launch a platform resulting from the merger of HBO Max with Discovery+.

Now the big question is whether it will be something that will spread to other European countries or if it will only happen in France, where HBO Max is not yet available. What is clear is that once they have opened that door, it is worth considering the possibility of it coming to Spain. Of course, in our country we would no longer have the bonus of being able to watch the acclaimed ‘The Last of Us’ for free on Prime Video and also here we have had HBO Max for a long time. But there are other European countries that also still do not have that platform…

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