‘The Last of Us’: HBO has made a mythical video game scene much more distressing and sad

The episode ‘Infected’ (1×02) is now available on HBO Max.

SPOILERS: Next, important details of chapter 2 of the season 1 of The Last of Us.

The episode ‘Infected’ (1×02) is now available on HBO Max and with it how the journey of Ellie (Bella Ramsey), Tess (Anna Torv) and Joel (Pedro Pascal) has continued after leaving the quarantine zone to go to City Hall where they will meet others Fireflies.

During this adventure, the group of survivors meet the first clickers, the humans who reach the final stages of the cordyceps fungus infection. After a terrifying encounter with them in the museum. We are approaching what would be one of the most distressing and sad scenes of the second episode regarding the video game.

The scene in question is when Ellie, Joel, and Tess arrive at City Hall to find the Fireflies slaughtered there. Before finding a solution, one of them wakes up and communicates with what would be the hive of infected and they run towards them to kill them.

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Tess begins to ask Joel to save Ellie and sacrifices herself for them, because she has been bitten by a clicker at the museum so she has nothing left to become one of them. In the video game, we only see how she says goodbye to Joel and Ellie and She is the only one left to face Phaedra, not some infected.

In the series, it has been rightly decided that they were infected and we have been able to see how Tess had to deal with them. As she tries to light the lighter to burn them all in one big explosion, one of them approaches slowly and begins to transfer the fungus through a ‘kiss’, in order to activate it since it is infected. But at the last moment, she manages to light the lighter and finish them off.

This factor about the infected is something totally new, just like the way of communicating with each other through a huge network of the root soil. It is true that the concept of the fungus hive is quite terrifying and can give a lot of play in the series.

Remember that the third episode, where we will finally see Nick Offerman, will premiere on HBO Max next Monday, January 23.