The Last of Us in black and white is also cool

Last week we once again proposed black and white as the theme for the section Photo mode that we organize through our Discord server and today, as usual on weekends, it’s time to bring us here a small selection of the ones that we liked the most.

Taking advantage of the fact that the series based on The Last of Us has arrived on HBO Max, and that it is also being liked a lot, our reader Zeus1992 He sent us the very cool capture of Joel in The Last of Us Part I that opens this article.

And from the Naughty Dog universe, we went to the Marvel universe thanks to the capture of the wonderful Guardians of the Galaxy that he sent us JAER-27. It is this:

Guardians of the Galaxy

We will close today’s article with the capture of the Shadow of the Colossus that our reader has been kind enough to send us gp_gamer_perspective. An insanely beautiful game that, even without that particular color palette that it boasts, still looks great:

Shadow of the Colossus

Here we leave it for today. Stay tuned to our discord server because soon we will leave you a new topic for the catches of the week.

Thank you very much for participating.

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