‘The Last of Us’: Pedro Pascal proves, once again, that he is the best father both off and on the screen

The actor has already been considered the ‘Daddy’ of the fans who call him as such.

“Being Daddy is a state of mind”. This is what Pedro Pascal said in his day when he was asked if he considered himself more ‘Papi’ than Oscar Isaac. Although the Moon Knight actor does have children and he does not, Pascal is already considered the Daddy of many fans.

But in case you had any doubts that Pedro Pascal is the official Papi (or Daddy) of Hollywood, Nico Parker, the actor’s fictional daughter in The Last of Us, has uploaded a photo to his official Instagram account that shows that, once again, he is the best father both off and on the screen. You can see the cute image below:

On the other hand, Pedro Pascal has done the same on his official Instagram account by uploading a photo of a Polaroid with Parker accompanied by the text: “Did you do the homework?”.

Nico Parker brings to life in The Last of Us to Sarah, the daughter of Joel (Pascal). In the first episode titled ‘When you get lost in the dark’ (1×01) we meet her on her father’s birthday. Later, we see how the world begins to succumb to the cordyceps fungus, transforming humans into terrible bloodthirsty creatures.

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Sarah ends up dying in Joel’s arms, a pivotal moment in both the series and the video games. Scene that generated a lot of stress for Parker, as he has revealed in an interview with TVLine:

I was incredibly stressed. It is an iconic moment. I cried at that moment even before I was involved in any way in the series. So I think he was very aware of how important it was to execute that scene properly.

Episode 2 of the first season of The Last of Us premieres on HBO Max next January 23.