‘The Last of Us’: Who are the Fireflies?

The first episode of the series starring Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal is now available on HBO Max.

The first episode of The Last of Us is now available on HBO Max and we meet Joel and Ellie in a post-apocalyptic world due to a fungus that infects humans turning them into terrifying creatures.

But they also introduce us to The Fireflies. The first chapter does not go too far into their history, giving us to understand that they are a group of rebels against PhaedraFederal Disaster Response Agency, the same one that declared martial law and took control of the armed forces, establishing a new world order in a terrified population.

FEDRA controls the quarantine zones, forcing most of the survivors to comply with all the rules. Against this ruling, the Fireflies were born, a group of people who, at first, not only wanted to end the violent government of FEDRA and re-form a more democratic government, they were also a main group looking for a cure.


Marlene, the leader of the Fireflies in that district

In general, this group is often too reliant on incitement and using desperate civilians to fight for them. Although they occasionally manage to overthrow Phaedra groups, they are also scattered across various factions and do not always agree with each other or even share common goals. In addition, it is mainly characterized by an idealistic perspective that is inspiring to some and unpleasant to others.

In summary, in a case of good and bad, Los LuciƩrnagas would be the ones that try to make changes for the better, while FEDRA are the opposite. The first episode left us with Joel (Pedro Pascal), Tess (Anna Torv) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) heading into the city to be able to accompany her safely to a specific place towards some Fireflies. But surely the road to them will not be as easy as it seems.

Episode 2 will premiere on HBO Max next January 23.