The last photo of Halyna Hutchins on set before Alec Baldwin’s shot

Her partner Serge Svetnoy has shared an image on his facebook in the minutes before the shooting that ended the life of the cinematographer.

Facebook /Serge Svetnoy

An image inside the stave church where the team is rehearsing a scene. In it you see Alec Baldwin wearing a hat behind the camera. In front of Baldwin, at least six people and whoever takes the photo. One of them, with helmets and a white hat is Halyna Hutchins, there is also the director of the film, Joel Souza. And according to assures, Serge Svetnoy, member of the team and friend of Halyna in the filming of ‘Rust‘is the last image of the cinematographer on set before she was accidentally shot by Alec Baldwin. The photo was posted four days ago on his Facebook. Just a few hours before, he was writing a plea against the saving of means in security in the filming.

According to Svetnoy, minutes after that image, the actor rehearsed the fatal shot in the same place, sitting on a bench, looking at the camera, as the film’s director explained in his affidavit. In the scene Alec Baldwin had to point his gun at the camera and draw the sign of the cross with the pistol. It was then that he fired the gun, which he believed was unloaded, by accident. The shot hit the cinematographer in the abdomen and the film director in the shoulder. Although she was taken to the hospital by helicopter, she was unable to survive the injuries.

“I held Halyna in my arms when she fell”

As posted on his Facebook account by Serge Svetnoy, head of the team of lectricists, and camera operator, when the incident occurred he was next to her and held her in his arms when she fell backwards. “I held her in my arms when she was dying, I even had her blood on my hands,” he said in his post.

In addition, he explains that he believes the incident was due to “negligence and unprofessionalism”he explains in his message. “The person who should have checked the gun on the spot did not do it; the person who had to announce that there was a loaded gun on the set did not, and the person who had to check that the gun was safe before handing it over to the set it did not. And the result is the death of a human being, “he says.

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In your message He also denounces that the gunman in the film was only 24 years old, so his experience should not be necessary for that responsibility.: “There is no way that she or her friend the same age from school, neighbor, Instagram, or God knows where, could be a professional in this area. Professionals are people who have spent years on the sets, who they know his work from A to Z, “he adds.

“There was a whiplash and then an explosion”, the director of the film describes what happened in the incident with Alec Baldwin

And it also calls for producers not to haggle in safety. “I’m talking to producers. We have a fabulous job but it can also be dangerous (…) And sometimes to save a few pennies they hire people who are not qualified for complicated and sometimes dangerous work and end up risking the lives of those who are close to them. I understand that the budget has to be fought, but this cannot be allowed to happen. There should at least be one great professional on each team who knows the job well. It is essential to avoid a tragedy like Halyna’s “.

Finally, the technician dedicates a few words to Halyna’s family, whose husband shared on Instagram yesterday several photos of the 42-year-old director of photography with him and his son with the message: “We miss you.” Svetnoy assures: “I do not wish anyone to go through what I went through, and what her husband Matt Hutchins and son Andros are going through,” adds Halyna’s friend.

In addition, he also has a few words for the actor Alec Baldwin who yesterday was known to have withdrawn from the cinema for the moment to recover from this incident.

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“I don’t wish anyone to go through what Alec Baldwin is going through, who was handed a (loaded) pistol on set. He will have to live his whole life thinking that he took a person’s life because of unprofessional people. “, he concludes.

And he adds a final argument: “Dear producers, by hiring professionals you are buying peace of mind for you and the people around you. They may cost you a little more, and sometimes they are more demanding, but it is worth it, every penny saved. deserves the life of a human being. “

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