The latest episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ seems to set the stage for Meredith’s departure

Season 18 of the medical drama may be the last. After years of hesitation, the end may be just around the corner.

For years there has been talk of the end of Grey’s Anatomy And it seems like it’s just around the corner Or, at least, that is what the first episode of season 18 and last aired, entitled ‘Here Comes the Sun’ seems to say to us. After so many renovations, meetings about pay raises and rumors about the outcome, Is it possible that we are seeing the last steps of Ellen Pompeo like Meredith Grey?

‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Meredith will give up love in season 18 for this reason

In the chapter in question, Meredith begins to receive messages from her mother, who points out that, after recovering from an illness that almost killed her, what is she spending her time on? More everyday surgeries may save lives, but you can aspire to bigger dreams. With that in mind, he heads to Minnesota, where tumor survivor David Hamilton (Peter Gallagher) is dedicating a library to Dr. Ellis Gray. Bailey and Richard think she’s leaving her job at Gray Sloan, but she says they don’t have to worry.

In Minnesota, Meredith arrives at the door of the supposed library in honor of her mother and what she finds is a plaque that reads: “Gray Center for Medical Research.” Yes, Dr. Hamilton wants an entire research facility dedicated to Ellis and that Meredith is the one to lead an investigation against Parkinson’s disease.

During the dinner in which Hamilton tries to convince Meredith, they meet Nick Marsh – played by Scott Speedman – the surgeon who passed out at the Gray Sloan before taking a liver for one of his patients. Meredith was able to save him by finding a clot and now they pick up where they left off in the surgeon’s hotel bar.

In short, what the start of season 18 of Grey’s Anatomy has given Meredith a compelling reason to move to Minnesota And, along the way, he has met an old acquaintance who could end up tipping the balance. To this must be added several tracks that come from the previous installment of the series.

During the last batch of episodes, through the illness of the protagonist, the fiction has been saying goodbye to the characters who had left the medical team in previous seasons, such as Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey), Lexie Gray ( Chyler Leigh) or George O’Malley (TR Knight). In the current installment, a veteran, much loved by all, returns, Dr. Addison (Kate Walsh). Maybe these returns work as a tribute to the series to say goodbye in style?

Craig Erwich, president of ABC and Hulu, stated in May 2021 that Grey’s Anatomy I would continue “as long as we can”, which means that the word is owned by Ellen Pompeo or the creative team. We know that Pompeo will only move forward if he believes in the story they have to tell, but if he does not make sense of it, he will close this stage.

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