The latest trailer for ‘The Little Mermaid’ is confusing many: “Since when is Sebastian a crab?”

The movie hits theaters on May 26 so you can shout out loud: “I feel like I can be a part of it!”

The path of promotion The little Mermaid it has not been easy. The Disney movie has met with many negative comments for the simple reason that the protagonist is Halle Bailey, a black girl. After the initial controversy -which was settled with several videos of girls who felt identified with Bailey because of her race-, Disney has defeated all the ‘haters’ with the latest trailer released. No one doubts the new version of the mermaid anymore.

The publication on Disney’s official Twitter has been filled with comments appreciating the actress’s performance. “I can’t wait, she looks perfect,” says Shelby Young, like many other users who come to thank the company for this release. It seems that the ‘haters’ have been losing their voice over the months and The only thing left is enthusiasm to see the number of “Part of it” on the screen again.

New complaint at the front: Sebastian

What has dominated social networks are the messages towards Sebastián. It seems that Disney’s decision to opt for a more realistic design of the crab has not been liked by everyone. Fans have been targeting the likeable character for some time now and the latest trailer makes it clear that Sebastián is going to be very different. “Why do you have to ruin my childhood? I mean, I know Sebastian is a crab, but those eyes have me…”says one user.

Having grown up with a drawing of big eyes, in true Disney style, it is normal that this appearance closer to a National Geographic documentary impacts viewers. Both he and Scuttle the seagull appear very changed in this film and many of us are going to have to get used to it.


On the same team, some who are a little confused, like this user who has just discovered the species to which Sebastián belongs. “Why is Sebastian a crab and not a lobster? Why isn’t Ursula purple? Ariel is super cute,” she says on Twitter while another responds that the character has always been a crab. “Oh my god, all these years I’ve thought he was a lobster. My life has been a lie,” she laughs.

The little Mermaid by Rob Marshall will serve both to open the story to new generations and to make the most nostalgic have a good time in front of the movie screen. At the same time, it will help more than one discover that Sebastián is, and always has been, a crab. We will see it in theaters on May 26.