‘The Little Prince is Omar Montes’: the most unknown face of the artist stars in the new Amazon docuseries

A story of self-improvement and self-discovery by the famous singer of Pan Bendito that premieres on the streaming platform this Friday, November 12.

“Many times nobody sees your dream”, reflects Omar Montes in front of the cameras of The Little Prince is Omar Montes, the new Amazon Exclusive docuserie that the streaming platform Amazon Prime Video premieres in full for its subscribers this Friday, November 12. In it, the famous artist and singer who already amasses more than one million followers on Instagram and who had the honor of being the most listened to Spanish musician in Spain in 2020 shows his most intimate side and a face until now unknown, through a journey of self-discovery in which the most recent stage of his life is explored in depth, but also the story that led him there.

The Amazon Studios documentary series consists of four episodes in which the character is built. How? Through a lot of archive images but mainly new footage accompanying Omar Montes in his current stage, and also through the statements of the artist himself, his immediate surroundings and other industry figures. A complete story that explores the singer’s present and past and at the same time raises a future that is very clear to him.:

‘This is impossible, you are not going to get it. You’re going to end up in jail … ‘No. You have to be consistent in what you like. And in the end, you end up coming [Omar Montes]


Who is Omar Montes? He has millions of followers on social networks and has obtained his own docuseries on Amazon Prime Video, one of the most consumed streaming platforms in Spain, but not everyone knows Omar Montes for his most current facet and around which he revolves his entire life: music. Specifically, trap and ‘reggaeton’, which are the genres in which he moves, although he likes to call his style “gypsy dance disco flow”.

Omar Montes did not become popular in Spain thanks to music, to which he began to dedicate himself body and soul in 2015, but rather what made him famous was his romantic relationship with the daughter of one of the most famous clans in Spain: Isa Pantoja. His courtship with the young woman, not without controversy, led him to one of the most watched television formats in Mediaset, ‘Big Brother Vip’, and, later, he would also end up participating in ‘Survivors’.

The ‘realities’ and their success in music make up the well-known story of Omar Montes, but there is another story that interests us more: the one lived for more than 20 years before becoming famous, which you will be able to know from the hand of its own protagonist and also from those close to it from the hand of the Amazon series.

It is not the first time that he talks about it, since, faithful to his neighborhood and an absolute devotee of his grandparents, Montes has always been proud of his humble origins, his history and he has not hesitated to talk about his journey on different sets and interviews. Nevertheless, The Little Prince is Omar Montes makes in its four episodes “an exciting journey of self-discovery through the moments and places that have marked its history.”

“What has been your path from the humble Pan Bendito neighborhood where you grew up? How have you managed your meteoric rise? What places, experiences and people have marked your life? How do you face the future?” Official of the series.

I grew up in a neighborhood. Blessed Bread. And it’s not easy to grow up in a neighborhood like that. You can end up hooked, in a gang robbing or dead

Neighbor of Pan Bendito (Madrid) since he was born in 1988 and victim of bullying for years, Omar Montes’s life was not easy. But the young man made his weakness his strength and, even with millions in the bank, he remains faithful to the place, for whose neighbors he goes out of his way. In the worst months of the pandemic, in fact, Omar dedicated himself to buying and distributing food among the most vulnerable families in his neighborhood, a gesture for which he was widely applauded in his day but that came from his heart.

There we see him, too, clapping with his friends on any bank, sharing his concerns and the issues he is working on with those around him. “I came from a deep depression due to bullying and I came back to life like the Phoenix.”


Amazon Studios

Omar Montes in front of the cameras of the Amazon Prime Video docuseries.

You know the character. You know their music. But Where does that talent and unmistakable aesthetic that has made millions of followers dance in Spain come from?

“The realities They served as a springboard for my music, for everyone to listen to “, Montes reflects in the documentary. According to the artist, the song that changed his life was ‘Conmigo’, released in 2017, which led him directly to the number 1. However, the best was yet to come. For starters, his first album, ‘La Vida Martir’, but also songs like allocation, Like the water, Turn on, The blonde and, more recently, Solo.

Numbers 1, recognitions and various awards and the honor of singing in Starlite, where he himself assures that “not just anyone does it”, have taken him to the top, but on The Little Prince is Omar Montes We will also see him in the creative process: leaving his skin and facing the ghosts of his own history in order to find inspiration for his next album. With whom he wants to establish himself as king of urban music in Spanish internationally.

The Omar Montes phenomenon continues. As it is said in the documentary: “The Americans have Drake and we have Omar Montes.”

The four episodes that make up The Little Prince is Omar Montes will be available on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, November 12.

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