The Lord of the Rings: Gollum releases a new trailer, and the adventure of the “bipolar hobbit” confirms that it will not be delayed any longer – The Lord of the Rings: Gollum

Although The Lord of the Rings is deeply rooted in popular culture, its performance in the video game has not had the same effect as in the seventh art. We carry since 2017 without a capital project project with an original story and framed in the Legendarium of the British author. Now, the next stop after Amazon’s television adaptation is this The Lord of the Rings: Gollum, a project that has been missing for months and that premieres new trailer while confirming your release window.

From 3DJuegos we can only hope that this is the last, and it is that although the Germans from Daedalic Entertainment assured that the game would not see a date beyond 2023, the game has 2 delays behind him. Be that as it may, today is a day of celebration, at least for lovers of Tolkien’s work, and it is that Gollum will be released this same year, although we still do not have an approximate date. They recently pointed out in a financial report that their launch window is set between April and September, although we don’t know if that has changed.

The Bavarian team emphasized that we are not dealing with a purely stealth game such as Styx: Master of Shadows, with which it has many similarities, but with a project within the adventure genre. Even so, her trailer is committed to going further and puts all the meat on the grill for a barbecue of epic and action to which “the median” is oblivious.

The Lord Of The Rings Gollum

The game will take us through the years after the loss of the One Ring in the caves of Moria. Although Bilbo does not seem to be one of the recurring characters in the adventure, especially since he is immersed in his own odyssey, we will see characters like gandalf either Thranduilfather of Legolas and lord of Mirkwood.

Along with these “heroes” we will also have characters like The Mouth of Sauron, the Dark Lord himself and a good list of secondary enemies, some invented exclusively for this adventure. But, Is it canon within the Legendarium? Not quite. Although it is located in a key period of the adventure, the writings of the British were few and focused on key moments in the history of Middle-earth, so the Daedalic team has had wide sleeve to write your own narration.

The Lord Of The Rings Gollum

Gollum will follow a very linear approach, although we will be left to make decisions that we do not know how or to what extent they affect the general plot. Be that as it may, what we do know is that the duality between Gollum and Smeagol It will be essential for the future of the adventure, although there are still important details about the impact on the story beyond the dialogues between the hobbit and his “enemies”. In this way, you can read our first impressions of the title, a work that still hides many surprises.