The more than 400 million hours played are just a sample of the success of Hogwarts Legacy, which shares overwhelming statistics – Hogwarts Legacy

Despite the fact that, at the moment, it is only available on computers and next-generation consoles, Hogwarts Legacy It is a tremendous commercial success. The title of Warner Bros. developed by Avalanche Software will also transfer the players from ps4 and Xbox One to the Harry Potter universe on May 5, while users of nintendoswitch they will have to wait until July 25, but only with the existing platforms can they celebrate.

In a month on sale, Warner can boast of the success of his game

Beyond the sales figure, which continues to increase over the weeks, those responsible for the title have shared a publication through official social networks in which they leave us different accumulated statistics of the Hogwarts Legacy players. The first one is that more than 406 million hours have been played since launch in early February, which is why Warner thanks the players for their trust.

As additional curious data, it is ensured that more than 674 million magical plants planted by users have grown, as well as that more than 405 million potions have been made. In addition, controlling the main character have been eliminated 2.25 billion dark wizards in this month that the title has been available in stores.

The Ultimate Harry Potter Game

In order to know our opinion about the new from Warner Bros. and Avalanche Software, we remind you that you have available in 3DJuegos the Hogwarts Legacy analysis from our colleague José Ángel Mateo, who was convinced by the ambitious proposal for the title and who summarized his experience as follows:

“The wait has been worth it, and we are facing the definitive game that every Harry Potter fan would want. Hogwarts Legacy is not only a great video game, it is that it is a work that looks the films and books of the saga in the face. There are a lot of things to do, many quests to complete, and quite an interesting plot. In fact, the plots of our friends throughout an entire Hogwarts course are a great success. Not to mention that as an RPG, it’s really solid and the combat is very interesting.”