The most anticipated action open world on Xbox for 2023 reveals a new gameplay trailer: Redfall gives us a deeper look at its gameplay and exploration – Redfall

All the mysteries surrounding the vampire world of Redfall are gradually becoming clearer as we see more gameplays. The last 11 minutes was more than enough for fans of Arkane’s projects to be attentive to the news of this work. After a misunderstanding regarding the disc of the physical editions, it is best to enjoy the trailer that we have here below.

Throughout IGN Fan Fest 2023, Bethesda has offered us a new look at Redfall in the form of a trailer. During the first bars of the video they have shown us perspectives of some of the most interesting locations. Many of the buildings are in ruins and they will be accessible so that we can explore them, and possibly that is where we will find some unwanted surprise.

One of the benefits of this open world are the differences it offers between day and night. In the trailer you can see how there is a kind of vampire burrows where there will be plenty of enemies, but that will not be the worst. We will also have a hard time when we investigate the rooms and find an enemy that can scare us.

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If you’re interested in Redfall, you may have already taken a look at the Bite Back edition, which offers previously unreleased content. Of course, its developers published a lot of information about the video game that excited the fans even more and that surely surprises you. It is true that there is a lot of desire for Redfall, but all this has been partly clouded by the controversy over the requirement of a permanent Internet connection.