The most dangerous enemy in Hogwarts Legacy is a cat, it kills you in a second and was born as an inside joke – Hogwarts Legacy

He success of Hogwarts Legacy it is irrefutable. The title of Avalanche Software It was one of the most anticipated games of the year because of the possibilities it was going to offer players. For the first time, they could wander through every corner of Hogwarts and discover all the secrets of the magical castle, a possibility that has managed to conquer many. tens of millions of people all over the world. In fact, its impact has been so great that, as we told you a few hours ago, it did not need to appear on all platforms to unseat titans like Elden Ring in sales.

However, such a large mass of players had to have some negative news. Since its launch, many players have decided to be cruel to one of the most defenseless animals in the title: the cats. These, who roam freely throughout Hogwarts, are only looking for a friendly wizard to caress them, an aspect that many have not hindered when trying to attack them. And, to avoid this, the developers have created a curious internal function that gives the cat the possibility of get instant revenge of those who wish to attack him.

Avada Cat-Davra, the deadly spell of cats

As can be seen in a tweet below these lines, the developers of Avalanche Software have created a instant defense system for cats. Thus, in the event that a student tries to end his life, these animals will protect themselves with a shield that will send a Avada Kedavra to the one who cast the spell. As a consequence, he will fall to the ground instantly and his match will be over at that moment. Unfortunately it is an internal option that, as the CM of the study points out in its publicationwill not be available to players at any time.

Hogwarts Legacy, the title from the Harry Potter universe that many dreamed of, is now available on PC, PS5 and XSeries. Since its release, gamers have accumulated over 400 million hours played, a small sample of the overwhelming success that Avalanche Software’s proposal has reaped. For their landing in the old-gen, as the developer herself confirmed a little over a week ago, they will still have to be patient since the initial date was delayed a few weeks.

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