The most disgusting and shocking scene of ‘Avatar 2’ has a reason: the heroes are not as harmless as you think

The sequel to the world of Pandora is a familiar film for all audiences, but it has a detail that surely surprised you as well.

Avatar: The Sense of Water is the family movie of the year. Its 2,000 million collection -it is said soon- show that few families remain that have not gone to see the world of Pandora at the cinema and, while most of the film develops in a friendly tone, suddenly there is a detail that surely caught your attention: that amputated arm that jumps in the middle of the footage.

Director James Cameron makes no secret of this violent attack, but rather wants the viewer to see Scoresby’s arm go flying through the air for all 3D fans to enjoy. This detail is so unexpected that he has his own trend on social networks. Of course, it is not what you expect to see when you enter the movie theater with your young children, but this is a new production from the director of Terminatorwhat could we expect?

The point is that there’s a reason Cameron wanted to include this attack in the movie and it has a lot to do with that ecological message that the tape breathes.

Why did James Cameron have to be so explicit?

We remember the scene. towards the end of avatar 2, the Sully family and the Metkayinas face off against Colonel Quaritch, Scoresby and their team of GDR hunters. the tulkun payakan, Lo’ak’s new friend, the son of Jake and Neytiri, joins the fight. Seeing that the Sully children have been captured, Payakan confronts the whalers’ ship. After dodging the harpoon of the bad guys, the creature wraps a wire around Scoresby’s arm and cuts it in half.

The tulkun is victorious, having given what he deserves to one of the most hateful characters in the film and the cause of his enormous pain. The poor sea creature had already been attacked by hunters and clearly had business to deal with. A little earlier we see how the tulkun teaches Lo’ak that his family was attacked by a whaling ship and many Na’vis and tulkuns lost their lives in retaliation. Now Payakan is doomed to a life of exile and guilt, but he gets his chance for revenge thanks to his new friends.

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Cameron is quite explicit in showing us the whalers hunting the creatures without any scruples. They hunt them down, kill them to take what they want, and throw them into the sea without looking back. For that also it had to show the revenge of the tulkun in detail and make viewers aware of what the GDR was doing to the animals on Pandora. Eye by eye, tooth by tooth.

It may be getting too deep into the director’s mind, but it seems that he is hitting us in the face with the violence we do to animals. Isn’t it true that if you show it in a human being it is more impressive?