‘The most magical celebration in the world’: Walt Disney World Resort celebrates 50 years of illusion for children and adults

The set of theme parks commemorates its half century starting October 1 and presents incredible surprises in a special event that will last 18 months.

The most magical place in the world is celebrating. Walt Disney World Resort opened its doors in Orlando (USA) 50 years ago to fulfill the dreams of thousands of children who wanted to meet their favorite characters in person. The little ones in the family – and the not so little ones – enjoy the attractions and performances offered by the theme parks every day with great enthusiasm. A unique experience and unforgettable that from this month of October becomes even more special.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary, Disney is hosting an event in style at the famous resort. Under the title of The most magical celebration in the world, visitors who come to Walt Disney World Resort will enjoy unforgettable moments and incredible surprises from October 1 and for a period of 18 months.

15 international artists unite to sing the ‘Disney Princess Celebration’ anthem, ‘Starting Now’

The event will kick off at Magic Kingdom Park with a new evening show. It will carry by name Disney Enchantment and will make everyone believe in magic thanks to its combination of music, lighting games and impressive fireworks. Although immersive projection effects it will be the ingredient that most excites attendees. These will take place for the first time at Disney World and will stretch from the magnificent Cinderella Castle to Main Street, USA.

In addition, that same day one of the most impressive night shows in a Disney Park will also be inaugurated: Harmonious. The new show will take place at the EPCOT theme park and bring the whole world together at the World Showcase Lagoon. A celebration of Disney music with its classic songs reimagined by 240 artists from around the world and … in more than a dozen languages! In this way they pay tribute to the stories and musical themes that have united thousands of spectators with new techniques that incorporate everything from pyrotechnics to choreographed water fountains, lighting and much more.


Mickey, Minnie and their friends dress up

The hosts from The most magical celebration in the world will be Mickey y Minnie Mouse, who will wear spectacular new costumes to mark the first half century of Walt Disney World Resort. And they will not be the only ones. His inseparable friends Donald Duck, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto and Chip and Chop will also dress up. All of them can be seen at Magic Kingdom Park during the renovated Mickey’s Celebration Cavalcade.

These eight friends are just some of the Disney characters most loved by the public for decades. So both they and many others will also appear in special golden sculptures spread over the four Disney World theme parks.

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To make the event even more special, The most magical celebration in the world will also host at EPCOT the grand opening of the new attraction Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, based on the popular 2007 Pixar film directed by Brad Bird. Although that’s not all, since in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park there will also be an unpublished artistic representation, Disney KiteTails, which will debut at the Discovery River Amphitheater. A very special birthday and 18 months ahead. Do you dare to book?