The Netflix movie that went unnoticed and now sweeps TikTok: “I aspire to be looked at like this”

The hit film is an erotic and stormy love story starring Jack O’Connell and Emma Corrin.

With so many new releases, it is not surprising that there are fictions that go unnoticed by viewers. However, recommendations for movies or series through social networks are becoming more common. This causes many tapes to end up sweeping long after its premiere, again. Lady Chatterley’s lover it was the last film to demonstrate this fact.

The movie starring Jack O’Connell and Emma Corrin has gone viral after a video on TikTok. The user @carlotabookss published a fragment of the film with a Taylor Swift song in the background. “This movie is like watching a vintage grumpy/sunshine romance book with scenes as pure as this“, acknowledges the user of the well-known social network.

And reason is not lacking. Lady Chatterley’s lover It is a period drama where love is more than present. In addition, the acting of the protagonists is second to none and the chemistry between the two crosses the screen, as can be seen in the TikTok snippet. “The only thing I aspire to is to be looked at like that,” says the user to which many respond by affirming that phrase.

Adaptation of the novel by DH Lawrence -originally published in 1928-, Lady Chatterley’s lover follows the life of Lady Chatterley (Corrin), a woman born in a life of wealth and privilege, but who lives a cold and distant marriage with Sir Clifford Chatterley, who is dedicated exclusively to his career as a writer and the family business. In this context comes Oliver (O’Connell).

The gamekeeper works for the family and develops a very close relationship with Lady Chatterley. As you can already imagine, a passion arises between the two that they must keep secret. Rumors soon begin to circulate and end up putting the protagonists at a crossroads.

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The original novel was censored in Spain at the time for talking about emancipation, love, adultery and, above all, about sexuality. In the United Kingdom it generated great controversy, so this controversy ended up making the book a great success that has been adapted to cinema more than ten times. The last one is this one directed by Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre.

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