The new opus of Toulouse rapper Boris BBG

the essential
This third project includes 15 titles that evoke everyday life, malaise and the rage to live.

The Toulouse rapper Boris, alias BBG, has just released his new opus entitled Uraken3. After two first mixtapes in 2018 and 2019, this third project includes 15 tracks that evoke daily life, the malaise of young and old, but above all the rage to win in the face of life situations. A rap that the artist describes as positive: “I speak of the reality that I observe but always with a glimmer of hope”. Singer-songwriter, Boris BBG this time called on 6 different composers from Toulouse, such as Little bro or Bachir, for a more melodic result, and did it again for the cover with renowned designer Vianney Garat, also from Toulouse. In short, a project once again 100% local. Singing, theater and stage expression lessons, if Boris, who has been immersed in rap since the age of 16, has remained an amateur, he is no less professional. “There is a lot of talent in Toulouse but to become professional you need money, structures and external skills,” he says. Despite everything, he admits having met people who have allowed him to chart a beautiful course.

A sound in honor of the TFC

A major player in the local hip-hop scene, he notably opened for rapper Lacrim at the Zénith de Toulouse in March 2020. Chosen as part of a call for projects in 2021, he is also the author of the title “À give me some”, the sound in honor of the TFC which still resonates at the Stadium before the matches. He is planning a mini-series of short films to tell the life of an artist with actors from Toulouse and is currently looking for sponsors. In the meantime, Uraken3 is available on all streaming platforms and on compact disc with 100 copies reserved for fans.

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