The new update of Bayonetta 3 reduces the difficulty in several challenges, but it is not the only novelty in the adventure of the Witch of Umbra – Bayonetta 3

Bayonetta 3 arrived last October as only the Witch of Umbra knows: with much show Y a most positive reception. The action hack and slash of the title has made thousands of players marvel at the most recent adventure of this franchise, but Nintendo Y Platinum Games They have not been charmed by the charms of the protagonist (and her success in sales) and, therefore, they have dedicated themselves to launching updates that polish the gaming experience.

Although most Bayonetta 3 patches focus on improving minor aspects of delivery, the latest update surprises us with more significant changes. As indicated by Nintendo in the notesseven of Niflheim’s challenges now they will be easier thanks to extended time limits and additional lives. Secondly, Viola also receives some readjustments in her combat that allow the activation of Witch Time more easily.

As if this were not enough, it should be noted that the patch also introduces a change regarding the ‘Old Illustrated Book’ item, which serves as a gateway to a secret level that prepares us for the future. Bayonetta Origins: Cherry and the Lost Demon. Previously, this item required the purchase and use of three special keys that allowed it to be opened, but the Nintendo update now removes the requirement for keys and therefore allows access to the phase as soon as you purchase the book.

What did we think of Bayonetta 3?

The new adventure of the Witch of Umbra served as a demonstration that Platinum Games could still improve a saga that was already close to excellence. After all, we already explained to you in our Bayonetta 3 analysis that “The integration of new weapons and summons into the combat system, together with a new character, an enhanced exploration, a number of secrets and a crazier plot, result in a superior delivery, with an adequate duration and an infinite replayability”.

And what are the protagonist’s plans for the future? Although the only thing we have confirmed is the aforementioned Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon, everything indicates that the Witch of Umbra will continue to deliver cakes in new games. At least the Platinum Games team is more than willing to develop deliverables that meet thissince they consider that the saga has enough potential to give 9 Bayonetta games.