The next and brutal surprise of Korea on Netflix is ​​terrifying and already has a trailer: Is this the heir to ‘The Squid Game’?

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‘All of us are dead’, in Spanish ‘We are dead’, available on the streaming platform on January 28, immerses us in a world of zombies where we will find a lot of action, blood and explosions.

After the success of The Squid game, Netflix tries to win back his subscribers with a Korean series. The ‘streaming’ platform has already added several titles from the Asian country to its catalog, from the ‘thriller’ Inspectora Koo up to the fantasy series Heading to hell. Now, it is the turn of one of the genres with the greatest reception among the audience: the zombie universe. Next January 28 comes to Netflix All of us are dead, titled in Spanish We are dead.

The new Korean series is set in a high school where a zombie invasion begins. Soon it will be just one survival issue for students. Will they be able to escape or will they die in the school building and become the walking dead?

South Korea’s new ‘thriller’ after ‘The Squid Game’ is now available on Netflix (and reminiscent of another legendary series!)

To warm up, Netflix has released a trailer that you can see above these lines. The advance of more than a minute makes it clear that this fight for survival will be very bloody and shocking. And this, the desperate struggle of a large and diverse group, is what they have in common We are dead with the biggest hit of Korean series in 2021, The Squid game.

In the exciting images we see how a group of students must face a very disturbing situation. A rapidly spreading virus turns people into the walking dead. As zombies rampage through the streets with police trying to stop them, infected teens take control of the institute. However, there are some students who are safe from the virus and willing to do anything to stop their fellow zombies.

What is the series about?

Based on the Korean webtoon Now At Our School, the story revolves around a group of students who are locked up in the institute while a virus that turns people into zombies is spreading rapidly around the world. Therefore, young people will have to put down their books to face the dreaded virus.

With a total of nine deliveries, the original story was published between 2009 and 2011, so the Netflix adaptation is expected to have more seasons although nothing has been confirmed yet. Everything will depend on the success it has among the subscribers of the streaming platform. The first batch of episodes are 8 chapters about 40 minutes long.

Written by Chun Sung-il and directed by Lee JQ and Kim Nam-Su, We are dead stars Yoon Chan-young, Park Ji-hoo, Cho Yi-hyun, Park Solomon y Yoo In-soo.

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There is less to know if the new series will come close to the success of The Squid game. We are dead comes to Netflix on January 28, 2022.