The nostalgia factor is not all that ‘Willow’ has to offer you: the sequel series is fresh, fun and the icing on the cake of a year in which fantasy has triumphed

The newly released Disney+ series is exactly everything fans would have asked for in a sequel if it had been greenlit in the late ’80s and then some.


In a 2022 in which Disney+ has revived some of the movies that marked the childhoods of many. On the one hand return of the witches 2just a few days ago Disenchanted: Giselle Returnsand now Willowthe sequel series to the 1988 fantasy film, directed by Ron Howard and based on a story by George Lucas that won the hearts of many and is now resurrected with an epic new story whose The first two episodes are already on the streaming platform.

It’s been no less than 34 years since we met Willow Ufgoodan ‘amateur’ magician who was entrusted with the dangerous mission of saving a newborn destined, according to prophecy, to put an end to the current evil reign, but now Warwick Davis has stepped back into his shoes to offer the already decades later unexpected sequel that fans would have wanted then.

But it is never too late if happiness is good.

Although released in 2022, the sequel series to Willow began to take shape long before. The matter had been mentioned on a few occasions, but it was in a meeting between Warwick Davis and George Lucas at one of the first Star Wars Celebration, specifically the one held in 2005, where it became clear that it was a real possibility. It would take a while until, curiously on the set of Alone: ​​A Star Wars StoryRon Howard and jonathan kasdan -son of the screenwriter of the film Lawrence Kasdan with whom he co-wrote the story- began to consider how wonderful it would be continue the story of Willow focusing more on Elora Danan. And while in 2018-2019, Howard and Kasdan were shaping their idea, Disney was planning the launch of Disney+ along with a ton of original content.

The reason why Val Kilmer is not in the ‘Willow’ sequel series (although that was the intention at first)

And there was little reason to be excited about the project, given that, set several decades after the film, the newly released Willow It’s exactly everything fans would have asked of a sequel if it had been greenlit in the late ’80s. or early 90’s. But perfectly adapted to new audiencesthe new codes and, as if that were not enough, taking advantage of technological advances with which cinema has today and how well it suits certain genres especially, including fantasy.

The sequel series to Willow It is an injection of nostalgia, yes, and it offers what it has to offer. After all, in the original film we were introduced to a little girl, Elora Danan, as the one chosen to save the world, but what happened to her? We never knew, nor was he able to develop his potential, if the prophecy was real, nor if Willow fulfilled his desires to become the best magician. And with Willow we’ll know.

However, in addition to the necessary nostalgia, Willow it manages to be more than the sequel to the popular cult fantasy film that preceded it. The Disney+ series is an adventure that brings Warwick Davis and Joanne Whalley back as Willow and Sorsha, yes, but it’s mainly starring a group of young and charismatic characters that you simply want to hug from the beginning to follow them to the end of the movie. world if necessary. Hand in hand with a fresh and youthful tone, a very ‘young adult’ vibe and dialogues that go from the mundane to the profound without excuses, Willow narrates the journey of these new characters to complete what its predecessor left up in the air, but without losing those who didn’t enjoy the original along the way.

In short, a nice and entertaining story that promises to bring smiles and that fulfills its status as an epic fantasy series without nothing to envy other of the greats that have surprised us in recent years. In the same way, Disney + had to put the icing on the cake to a year in which fantasy has made its way in a big way on other streaming platforms with The Rings of Power (First Video), Sandman (Netflix) and the house of the dragon (HBO Max). Test passed.