The only two Stephen King adaptations with a suspense like a cathedral

There are many films and series that have transferred the stories of the king of terror into images, but there are a couple in particular that are a disaster.

Stephen King’s literary work is a veritable gold mine for movie studios. The king of terror has such a large corpus that the films and series that have turned his stories into images are many. However, the name of the writer is not always synonymous with success. There are two movies, in particular, that have a suspense like a cathedral.

The two projects that have the “honor” of having a 0% in Rotten Tomatoes They are the mass grave (1990) and children of the corn (2009).

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These two titles, based on short stories by King, have been adapted on more than one occasion and their success has been mixed. the mass grave follows a man who discovers a monstrosity during his night shift at a textile factory. boys of the corna ‘remake’ of the 1984 film, stars a couple who discover a mysterious town where a group of children worship a god in their cornfield.

King himself has acknowledged that the mass grave It is one of the adaptations of his stories that he likes the least.

As told in Deadline:

I guess there are a number of movies that I feel a bit grossed out by. There is one, ‘The common grave’, which was made in the 80s […] I could do without all the ‘Children of the Corn’ sequels. The truth is that I quite like the original

When the mass grave, directed by Ralph S. Singleton, was released to negative reviews. The title raised more than 11 million dollars worldwide, so not a financial flop for Paramount. As to boys of the cornthe film was released in syfy. One of the critics of Rotten Tomatoes describes her as “vague” and another points out that the interpretation is “pretty bad”.

If you ever feel like seeing a movie based on King’s work, you already know better not to bet on one of these two.

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