The platform remains determined to prevent it and sets a date for its plans

We already told it several weeks ago: more than half of Netflix users share their subscriber. Specifically, and always according to a study carried out by Barlovento Comunicación, 61.3% of those surveyed do so and, based on their responses, are not willing to compromise on this practice which is also common, although not in such a high percentage, on other platforms.

For example, 47.9% of HBO Max customers also bet on saving a pinch of the monthly rate in the company of friends and family. In Disney + that percentage rises to 55.7%. On the other hand, platforms that are also important such as Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, Filmin and Movistar+ see less shared use of memberships, around 30% of their clientele.

For the next part of the news, and since it is current after learning about the company’s latest plans, we are left only with Netflix. Always according to the Barlovento report, 58.7% of users are determined to end their subscription if the use of shared accounts were to end. Only 14.8% would choose to pay the supplement that the Stranger Things platform wants to implement, while the rest would go for an individual plan.

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But Netflix will soon start to put a stop to shared accounts

Yes, this is a bit like the wolf that never comes, but it will come. During the presentation of its latest fiscal results, where it was reported a historic relay in the executive leadershipit was made clear that Netflix will take more serious measures to combat account sharing throughout this quarter.

For Netflix, account sharing undermines its ability to improve service

“Account sharing today undermines our long-term ability to invest in and improve Netflixas well as to build our business”, they defend. Those responsible for the platform recognize that, in the short term, the implementation of the plan will be complicated, “it will not be a universally popular movement”but they are convinced of their success.

Currently more than 100 million homes make use of this practice. The idea of ​​Netflix is ​​that only users from the same residence can use the account, adding an additional charge for the rest of non-cohabiting users. All this is known at the same time as a quarter of very positive data for Netflix at the subscriber level, after adding seven million more users. In total, the platform already has 230.75 million subscribers.