The premiere of season 4 of ‘A place to dream’, closer: When will it arrive on Netflix?

Martin Henderson, the person in charge of giving life to Jack Sheridan, has shared an image on his Instagram account that is most promising. Work is moving fast at Virgin River!

Barely four months have passed since season 3 of A place to dream It was released on Netflix, but the reality is that the fourth installment is progressing by leaps and bounds. This is how promising a publication by Martin Henderson, the person in charge of giving life to Jack Sheridan, on his personal Instagram account, where he has shared a photograph working on the post-production of the new episodes.

And, although the official renewal for a fourth season took place a few weeks after the debut of the third on the platform, already before the premiere it had been rumored that the series team had already set the agenda for the beginning of filming of the fourth installment. A) Yes, If the filming of the new episodes began in July, it is not surprising that, with December around the corner, the team is already at work with new stages.

Doing a little post-production work on season 4 ‘A place to dream’. Making sure everything is smooth and satisfying for the best fans! Have a beautiful weekend wherever you are

The publication does not confirm that the filming of the fourth season of A place to dream has finishedNor has there been an official announcement by Netflix or the team headed by ‘showrunner’ Sue Tenney, but the reality is that post-production is the immediate post-shoot phase. Thus, as they point out from the website Digital Spy and very rightly, At the very least, they should be well advanced with the shooting phase, if they can already start interspersing tasks in post-production.

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Another exciting detail from Henderson’s post is the scene on the screen he’s working in front of, which looks like it was straight out of a war title. Things get more and more intense at Virgin River!

When will season 4 of ‘A place to dream’ premiere?

It is too early to say, but although the first calculations indicated as a possible approximate date summer of 2022, Martin Henderson’s latest post on Instagram is key for us to speculate on a premiere in the spring months or even earlier.

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March 2022? April? The only certain thing is that the team did not want to waste time to return to work and that their advances, being in post-production, are really promising.

In addition, Netflix has already given the green light to a fifth season of A place to dreamSo we have Virgin River for a while.