‘The promise’ changes its programming this Thursday, but it has a trick

The daily series has become the big surprise this season thanks to its success among viewers.


The promise is consolidated as the great success of TVE, and this is demonstrated by the audience results. The daily series of La 1 has become the star format of public television, so we are not surprised by RTVE’s latest decision. Viewers will have double portion of the successful fiction this Thursday, March 9but this decision has a trick: for the moment it will not be the usual and they hope that it will push the second gala of Cover Night.

Last week we defined The promise as RTVE’s secret weapon to win Love is forever and Save me. However, the success of the period series goes further and RTVE sees in it a reef for audiences. In fact, the public channel believes that fiction can be an incentive for viewers to get hooked on Cover Night. A logical strategy taking into account the data obtained in recent weeks by The promise.

Last Thursday the successful La 1 series broke its own season record after scoring a 11% audience share with 1,042,000 viewers. Even the consumption data of the chapter rose to a 12% share and 1,168,000 followers by adding the deferred of the day as it is available on RTVE Play. In addition, and according to the statement from the public channel, 30% of the Spanish population already knows the new series, which translates into 14 million viewers.

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‘The promise’, TVE’s bet to push ‘Cover Night’

After seeing the audience data, it is not surprising that TVE is committed to The promise to increase the number of viewers of Cover Night. The program produced by Shine Iberia obtained 11.9%, which translates into 1.1 million viewers, after the astonishing 36.3% ‘share’ of the Copa del Rey match between Real Madrid-Barcelona. A fact that they hope to improve with the issuance of The promise before the second gala of the musical ‘talent’.

Thus, public television viewers will be able to enjoy two episodes this Thursday, March 9: the usual 4:30 p.m. and another at 10:00 p.m.. The promise It will be the third time that the fiction of Bambú Producciones jumps into the night with the aim of improving the data of the chain. However, this move may go wrong for TVE.

The promise will face two great heavyweights of the ‘access prime time‘ from Spanish television: the anthill on Antena 3 and the second gala of Survivors 2023 in Telecinco. Some tough competitors that could lower the average of the successful series, but that can also show that Spanish fiction is TVE’s best bet. Will the daily series be ratified as the star format of TVE?

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