The protagonist of ‘I rent you my love’ premieres Turkish series: It is available on Netflix and has great reviews

Baris Arduç plays a troublemaker from a neighborhood in Turkey who works as a friendship with Matilda, the ex-convict protagonist.

New premiere on Netflix that lovers of Turkish series should not lose sight of. Is about Club IstanbulClub in its original version-, a period drama that counts among its ranks one of the great stars of Turkish television in recent years: Baris Arduç, the same one who conquered the public as Ömer in I rent you my love.

Arduç has embarked on a project very different from the production for which we knew him in Spain. No comedies or love affairs, here you immerse yourself in the Istanbul of the 50s, an atmosphere that gives rise to a period drama with touches of romance and tragedy.

The story follows Matilda -interpreted by Gökçe Bahadır-, a woman who has been released from prison ready to change her life and, above all, to take care of her daughter Rashel (Asude Kalebek), whom she has not been able to enjoy until now . The relationship between the two is tense and there is no trust, despite the mother’s efforts. All she wants is for the young woman not to end up behind bars like her and she fights to prevent her from ending up with Ismet (Arduç), an undesirable company from the Beyoğlu neighborhood.

It is made up of six episodes that do not reach the hour of duration, something unusual in Turkish fictions, which can exceed two hours in duration. It’s the perfect series to watch on the fly on a day when you don’t want anything more than the couch and Netflix. The critics, at least, assure that Club Istanbul worth.

“It’s well acted, good script and great plot. It’s a beautiful story of a mother trying to connect with her daughter 17 years after going to prison.”says a user of IMDb on the series tab, “I think people should watch the series with an open mind and enjoy it.” Another user agrees with this criticism, although he believes that they close the series too quickly. “I had the feeling they were running, maybe an episode or 15 more minutes would have made a difference.”

Of course, there are negative comments, who assure that it is a melodrama of the past and that its setting of the 50s contains many errors. But if you are a fan of productions that come from Turkey and want to spend a few hours without thinking about anything else, just enjoying Matilda’s twists and drama, give Club Istanbul.

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