The protagonists of ‘El Chavo del 8’, reimagined as characters from ‘Dragon Ball Z’

A priori it seems that they have nothing to do, but wait until you see the incredible assemblies of Samukarts.

If they tell you about the antics of Chavo and his friends and the fantasy world of Akira Toriyama, you probably won’t find any connection between the two. What will it have to do El Chavo del 8 with Dragon Ball? Well you are absolutely right, there are no similarities between them, but the artist Samukarts has discovered that the characters of the Mexican series fit perfectly into the body of the androids.

A simple glance is enough to verify that Don Ramón, whom he played Ramon Valdes, was born to put himself in the shoes of Dr. Gero. Samukarts accompanies his impressive montage with a still from the series where the resemblance between the two becomes evident. The illustrator posted the creation at the end of August and was successful enough for it to gain momentum and continue to reimagine the characters in Goku’s universe.

After transforming the mythical Don Ramón, the same artist gave a twist to the appearance of María Antonieta de las Nieves, also known as Chilindrina; that of Quico, the character of Carlos Villagrán with large cheeks; and, of course, Chavo by Roberto Gómez Bolaños. They have all gone from their small neighborhood to fighting in a much more aggressive world. In the world of ‘fandom’, of course. In this way, Chilindrina is now Android No.18, Quico has transformed into Cell and Chavo is Android No.17.

Then we leave you the impressive work of Samukarts, who from his Instagram account is dedicated to transforming any mythical fictional character and joining them with other equally mythical figures, whether they are from Harry Potter, the Matrix or the world of DC.

Although it is true that both series have nothing in common, the two accompanied the childhood of many. If you were a child in the 90s, surely you remember some afternoon in front of the television screen watching the struggles of the Saiyan warriors and their efforts to protect the Earth from the conquest of other beings. You will also have seen on occasion the funny comedy by Gómez Bolaños, which in addition to starring in it was created by him.

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