The questions to be answered by ‘Tiger King’ (Netflix) in its season 2: from the death of Don Lewis to the cancer of Joe Exotic

The mystery of Carole Baskin’s husband, the health of Joe Exotic, and the well-being of the tigers. Fiction was a bombshell in 2020 and now it’s back with new episodes.

Tiger King It was the phenomenon series of 2020. It was released when we were all confined to our homes. We were struck by its premise – the quirky zoo owner with a curious ‘mullet’ – and we were left with the increasingly unexpected twists and turns in the life of Joe Exotic. Tiger attacks, drugs, jail … Nothing normal was happening in the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park and now we can continue mired in its surrealism thanks to season 2 of Tiger King which premieres on Netflix on November 17.

The first season consists of eight episodes that knew little. In this batch, many unknowns were put on the table that were not resolved. The first of them: What really happened to Carole Baskin’s husband? The series hints that he was murdered, but the documentary never provides a clear answer.

The creators of Tiger King they know. Eric Goode and Rebecca Chaiklin declared after the premiere of the first installment that they had a lot of material to continue and now, more than a year later, they return to the streaming platform to continue unraveling the mystery of Joe Exotic. They do it in a very different situation, since its protagonist is now behind bars for having wanted to murder Baskin and for his mistreatment of the animals in his charge. His health is not having a good time either. On November 4, 2021, he announced that he had prostate cancer.

Therefore, season 2 of Tiger King has a lot to say, which adds to what the creators had already compiled. Here we remember all those unanswered questions that left us speechless after the first installment.

Did Carole Baskin kill Don Lewis?

Actually, it is the only question that interests us. The series hints that Baskin had something to do with the disappearance of Don Lewis, her second husband, on August 18, 1997. His body never appeared and he was pronounced dead in 2002. After this, the animal rights activist inherited his fortune and the Big Cat Rescue they had founded together in 1992.

The reason many believe that Baskin had something to do with Lewis’s death is that he himself had filed a restraining order against his wife. The order was rejected, but a series of legal problems followed until the man’s disappearance. There were also extramarital affairs on the part of Lewis and many misunderstandings between them.

Carole Baskin, at war against ‘Tiger King 2’: sues Netflix for carrying out an unspecified sequel

The case was reopened by the Hillsborough Sheriff’s Office and the new episodes can present some very interesting evidence about your innocence or guilt. Of course, it will be one of the central plots.

The conviction and health of Joe Exotic

One of the biggest changes this season presents is that Joe Exotic is behind bars. The owner of the pet sanctuary was sentenced to prison with 17 federal counts of animal abuse and two counts of murder for hire. He has not stopped fighting for his freedom from prison. He asked Donald Trump for forgiveness and filed a lawsuit against the United States federal government, demanding $ 15 million for false imprisonment.

It seems unlikely that Joe’s sentence will change, but surely the documentary dedicates part of its footage to explaining the protagonist’s requests. At least moments from his campaign for freedom appear in the trailer.

Another issue that has changed Joe Exotic’s situation is his cancer diagnosis. “I have to tell you that the doctors have called me to tell me that the biopsy of my prostate has revealed that I have aggressive cancer. Right now, I don’t want anybody’s pity,” Exotic said in a letter to CNN. Of course, it is very recent news and it is possible that the documentary makers have not been able to include it in the episodes.

What happened to Joe Exotic’s Tigers?

If there is someone who is harmed in Tiger King are the tigers. The Netflix series causes surprise and open mouths, but if we talk about the animals that are mistreated in the different sanctuaries, it turns into tragedy. One of the questions you need to answer season 2 of Tiger King is what happened to all the animals that were under Joe’s management.

It was taken over by Jeff Lowe, who planned to move the zoo to another location and do a facelift before COVID-19 hit. Currently, it remains closed and its website has been removed. Still, the creators will have to tell what happened to those animals.

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