The rant of rapper Gims who asks Muslims to stop wishing him a happy new year

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Rapper Gims doesn’t want anyone to wish him the New Year. On social networks, he publishes “rant” videos, in particular for his Muslim “brothers”.

“Brothers, we don’t celebrate that”. For Gims, Christmas and Nouvel are not celebrated. These celebrations are not part of its traditions. He asks on social networks to stop wishing him “Happy New Year”.

Birthdays, “one more step towards death”

“Please with ‘happy new year’, ‘new year’ let me, you know I never replied to that, and you keep sending me until January, February” said the artist, annoyed under his Chanel cap.

He protests all the more against the Muslims: “In addition, the Muslims, we have the same conviction, stop with that. It’s the Muslims who send me this, most of the time. Brothers, don’t do it. that”. It then targets those who celebrate these events: “When I see big trees among Mustafa, Bakari, I see that we are not concentrated at home there”.

Next target: birthdays. For him: “It’s one more step towards death. So it’s not part of our convictions. Come, we focus on our own things. It’s not mean. But let’s stay strong on our values. “

Gims rants against people who wish him “Happy New Year”.

He no longer wants to hear about it and reminds all Muslims.

– Generasonrap (@generasonrap) January 1, 2022