The real reason why Rocío Carrasco decided to do the docuseries: “I needed it”

Rocío Jurado’s daughter was one of the guests of ‘Días de tele’ this Wednesday, March 8.


almost two years ago Rocio Carrasco lifted his silence. The daughter of Rocío Jurado and Pedro Carrasco told everything that she had gone through during the last years of her life, and what caused her to try to commit suicide, in Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive. The Telecinco docuseries opened the eyes of millions of womenbut this was not the main reason why Rocío Carrasco decided to do it.

TV days broadcast dedicated its program yesterday, Wednesday March 8, to “the day the woman raised her voice“. Among the guests of the night, the undisputed protagonist was Rocío Carrasco after her “veto” in Mediaset by the new board. Julio Otero’s program has once again put the focus on the daughter “of the greatest”, who has confirmed that they are “studying how to reopen the case” against Antonio David Flores.

Rocío Carrasco explained the real reason why she told her version of the events. “There comes a time in my life when I am forced to tell certain things because I decide that I don’t want to continue living that way and that I’m not going to do it, “acknowledged the ‘celebritie’. And, Rocío’s life will be marked by the day she decided to change the story of her life forever .

“On August 5, when I woke up in that hospital bed and saw my husband crying and became aware of what I was about to do, I told myself ‘you are not this, you have to get out of here and this has to be known because you can’t take it anymore'”, confessed the guest to TV days. “It took a long time until I made the decision to tell everything”, continued Rocío while confirming that it has been “beneficial”.

Telling it has been beneficial, it has served as therapy

Julia Otero wanted to highlight that, after the broadcast of the first chapter of the docuseries, calls to 016 grew by 61%. Making society aware of what happened is a prize for Rocío Carrasco, but the guest assured that the decision to do so was made “by herself.” “It would be very nice to say that I made this documentary for women but I did it for mebecause I needed it. If that has contributed in the slightest to society advancing in some way, I am satisfied,” said Rocío.

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One of the criticisms that Rocío Carrasco received the most was how much she had charged to do it. Due to this controversy, the presenter asked the guest that she forcefully satisfied. “When I decided to do this and already I had it matured I went to talk to my psychiatrist. I told him I’m going to do this and I want to know if it’s going to be good for me on a mental level. And he told me ‘I think it’s wonderful, the only thing I ask is that you don’t have expectations,’” ​​she explained.

“And do you know what my answer was? I told him I start from less than 27,550, everything that comes from more to me is a gift. I already had everything bad, what he did not count on was the good . And thank God the good outweighs the bad,” said Rocío Carrasco about the criticism received for making the docuseries.

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