The reason why Alex Monner and Ricardo Gómez spent four months without speaking

The protagonists of ‘La ruta’ were the guests last night of ‘La Resistencia’ where they revealed the reason for their conflict. An incident from two years ago in which David Broncano was also involved.


The route It’s the big surprise of the year. The ATRESplayer PREMIUM series on the “bakalao route” in Valencia has become one of the phenomena of Spanish fiction in 2022. Alex Monner and Ricardo Gómez, protagonists of the successful series, have been the guests of The resistance This Wednesday, November 23. There, the actors have confessed why they spent four months without speaking. And all for a Monner action for which David Broncano was also harmed.

As soon as the program began, the tension was noticeable in the Teatro Príncipe Gran Vía.”we have a conflict you and methat since we haven’t seen each other in two years…”. This is how the program began on Wednesday Broncano, who confessed that “he would not say what the reason for the conflict was, it is not necessary”. “I think so,” Gómez insisted in the face of the refusal of those involved, and how were they going to leave the spectators without knowing about said incident?

After the insistence of the public attending the theater, and after going around the subject several times, Monner finally confessed the reason why Broncano was “angry” with him. “It is very simple: I gave him the covidthat’s it, “declared the actor. Mystery solved, but there was one more involved who was on the set at that time: Ricardo Gómez. A fact that left everyone stunned.

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The reason for the disagreement

The two guests and the presenter shared with the viewers how and when everything happened. “Everyone was going on vacation,” Broncano said. The three they were at a party at the comedian’s house where Monner went to be positive for Covid. From there Gómez and Broncano came out positive. A fact that provoked the anger of the presenter and the actor of Tell me how it happened.

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On Gómez’s previous visit to La Resistencia, the actor and the presenter talked about being “Covid brothers”. It turns out that Gómez asked Monner not to stay in the apartment they shared. “If I can not miss my plane, then I prefer it. Then, when I tested positive, I would have given it the same if you came back. “And it is that Gómez was” mega stung “for a long time with his co-star, and he did not even” speak to her for four months.

Broncano began to add fuel to the fire between the protagonists of La ruta. However, Goméz was quick and asked his partner not to let the presenter “sow discord” between them. In addition, he also proposed the reconciliation between Broncano and Monner. A fact that at first the leader of ‘The Resistance’, but finally there was peace between them and a final reflection from Monner: “Yes, yes, I think I reflected a little. I thought, ‘man, if you feel like you have a high fever, say so,'” which sparked laughter and applause from those present.

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